Renting A Car After An Accident: What You Need To Know

Renting A Car After an Accident: What You Need to Know

If you’ve been in a car accident that leaves your car damaged, one of your first concerns after addressing injuries is likely how you’re going to get around while your car is being repaired. Unless you live in a big city with easy access to public transportation, your post-accident transportation will likely be a rental car. 

But how do you rent a car after an accident? And who is going to pay for it? Your auto insurance company is only going to provide you a complimentary rental car after an accident if you’ve got rental reimbursement coverage as part of your policy. If you don’t, that rental car expense is on you. Borrowing a car through a car sharing service like Avail is an affordable option if your personal policy doesn’t cover rental coverage. 

How to Rent a Car After an Accident

Be sure to consider all the options available to you for rental car replacement after an accident:

  • See if your car insurance offers a car rental after an accident. If it is covered under your premium, be sure you understand its limitations. Often car insurance after an accident only covers you up to a certain amount per day and limits the number of days they’ll cover a rental vehicle. Learn more about rental car insurance. 
  • Check to see if the negligent driver’s insurance covers your rental car. If you weren’t at fault for the accident, this could be an option for you. Keep in mind, however, filing a claim this way could take awhile and leave you without a vehicle for days . . . or even weeks.
  • Consider car rental alternatives. If your insurance doesn’t cover car rental after an accident or you’re waiting on the claim to process, look at cost-effective alternatives such as car sharing.
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Alternatives to Car Rental 

There are a variety of affordable options to consider for getting around while your vehicle is in the shop:

  • Take advantage of public transportation. If you live in a big city with an extensive metro or bus system, public transit could serve your transportation needs while you wait for repairs to your personal vehicle. 
  • Use a ride-sharing service like Uber or Lyft. The advantage of these services are now pretty ubiquitous; the downside is surge pricing during busy hours of the day.
  • Consider a bike share program. Many large cities now offer them. But if your daily commute is a long one, you probably don’t want to bike 10-plus miles to work!
  • Use a car sharing service like Avail to save on the costs associated with traditional car rental services. Avail connects you with a vehicle owned by a real person in your local area. There are no hidden rental fees with Avail, no need to book in advance, no security deposits, and no fees for drivers under 25.

Learn More About Avail 

Want more control over your transportation after an accident? Avail might be right for you. Not only can you quickly line up a rental via our affordable car sharing service, but you can also count on the protection of Allstate Insurance should you have an accident in your car share vehicle. Insurance is included in every Avail car share. For borrowers, this coverage is excess over any other insurance that may exist.*

If Avail’s insurance pays to repair the damage and you are found to be at fault for damage to the vehicle, you may be responsible for a $500 deductible. If another insurance policy (e.g. your personal auto or credit card policies) pays to repair the damage, then they may have different deductibles that apply. For questions about whether your personal auto policy or credit card policy may apply, please contact your insurance provider or a licensed insurance agent.

Ready to learn more about the benefits of car sharing? Contact Avail today and we’ll get you on the road again!

*Through June 19, 2022, Avail will provide primary liability coverage for borrowers. Effective June 20, 2022, Avail’s insurance coverage for borrowers will be excess over any other insurance that may exist.