You drop off your car. We handle the rest.

Avail makes car sharing simple, so the money you earn is truly passive.

We manage the details.

Sit back and earn while we take care of bookings, key handoff, cleaning, refueling, post-trip inspections and payouts.

We keep you protected.

Allstate insurance covers your car the entire time it’s with Avail.

We pay you each time your car is shared.

At the end of each trip, you’ll be paid instantly through the Avail app. Transfer your earnings to your bank account anytime.

Avail keeps your car safe

We treat your vehicle like it's our own and take precautions to protect it from the inside out.

How car sharing works


Create an Avail account
Tell us your name, phone, & email to get started.

Provide your vehicle details
Share your car’s VIN to confirm its eligibility for sharing.

Schedule a listing
Choose your sharing location and dates.

Avail Plus sharing benefits

If you share your car for 30+ consecutive days at an airport location, you’ll qualify for benefits including:
Guaranteed earnings
Guaranteed income for sharing longer.
Quarterly bonuses
Earn additional bonuses for sharing a vehicle that is newer, has low mileage or an SUV.
Borrowing credits
Redeem your credits to borrow an Avail car at any of our locations nationwide.
Routine maintenance
Complete a qualified inspection and we’ll cover oil changes, tire rotation, battery replacement and more.
Guaranteed earnings
Guaranteed income for sharing longer.
Quarterly bonuses
Earn additional bonuses for sharing a vehicle that is newer, has low mileage or an SUV.
Borrowing credits
Redeem your credits to borrow an Avail car at any of our locations nationwide.
Routine maintenance
Complete a qualified inspection and we’ll cover oil changes, tire rotation, battery replacement and more.


The longer you share, the more you earn.

Short-term sharing

Less than 1 month

Earn a fixed amount every day your car is shared, depending on your vehicle's class.
Mid-size SUV
Large SUV

Long-term sharing

Is your car ready to earn?

All cars shared on Avail must meet these guidelines:
An automatic transmission
A gas-powered or hybrid engine
Less than 125,000 miles
A valid, up-to-date registration
Model year 2013 or newer
No visible damage or major maintenance issues
No open recalls
Insurance coverage that meets your state minimum requirement
Note: Electric and two-seater vehicles are not eligible for sharing at any locations. Pick-up trucks and two-door vehicles are not eligible for sharing at our airport locations. Subcompact vehicles are not eligible for sharing in the Avail Plus program.

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Trusted by car owners across the U.S.
I love Avail! Both as a renter and as a vehicle owner. They go above and beyond for both services and are always friendly, quick and helpful!
Jaycie S.
This is the future of rentals and car sharing. Every car is meticulously cared for and available 24/7. Very happy to be a part of the future!
Bryan K.
I was a little nervous to try car sharing — but it was such a good experience I would recommend it to anyone. The staff was excellent, it was super convenient and we made money while we were on vacation! Our car was super clean when we got back. I would use these guys again for sure!
April M.
I love Avail car sharing. [...] My car gets washed, vacuumed and all around cleaned before I pick it up. On top of that, if it gets used I get paid. I feel safe using it because it’s affiliated with Allstate insurance. If something happens, I know I’m covered.
Charlotte L.
Avail always takes care of me and my car! Love this service.
Erika V.
Amazing staff and extremely efficient process. I signed up to share my vehicle and I am blown away by how well they treated my car while I was gone. My car is clean, sanitized and running as well as it did before. I trust them and would definitely and WILL be working with them again.
Daryl W.

Frequently asked questionsFAQ

What’s the difference between the Avail and Avail Plus programs?
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Those sharing with Avail for less than one month earn a fixed amount each day their car is borrowed. Our Avail Plus program — for those sharing their car for one month or longer at our airport locations — offers the same daily earnings, along with additional benefits. These perks include guaranteed monthly earnings, bonuses and rental credits that can be applied when you borrow a car with Avail. See the earnings breakdown for Avail Plus.

Do I need to do anything before I share my vehicle?
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Before you share your vehicle, you’ll need to:

  • Confirm that you have a valid, unrestricted U.S. driver's license (you’ll need it to transfer earnings from your Avail account to your bank account).
  • Create an Avail account and schedule your car to be listed for sharing. 
  • Remove your personal items from your car (except for essential transportation safety items like car seats).
  • Check that your registration is current and valid, and place it in the glove box.

At our airport locations: To drop off your car, drive to our lot and our staff will help check you in.

At our neighborhood locations: To drop off your car, park in any open Avail space, lock the vehicle and place your keys in our secure key box.

Does Avail offer insurance coverage?
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Every trip on Avail is covered with up to $1 million in insurance from Allstate, along with roadside assistance and 24/7 customer support.

Avail owners are required to have collision and comprehensive coverage on their personal policy (Avail Plus owners are exempt from this requirement). All owners, including owners with Avail Plus status, are responsible for meeting their state’s minimum insurance coverage requirements.

How much money will I earn?
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When your vehicle is borrowed, you’ll earn a fixed amount each day based on its class. Standard cars, midsize SUVs and vans earn $20 per day and large SUVs earn $25 per day. 

Car owners sharing for a month or longer are eligible for additional income. See the earnings breakdown for Avail Plus.

LAZ monthly subscribers sharing at our neighborhood LAZ locations are eligible for additional income. Learn more about sharing in LAZ garages.

How do I get paid?
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We'll make your earnings available in your Avail account each time after your car is borrowed. You can then transfer the funds to your bank account at any time.

Can I change my sharing dates? What happens if I need my car while it’s shared?
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You can modify your listing end date if your vehicle is not being borrowed. However, if your vehicle is booked or already on a trip, then you cannot modify your sharing dates. Go to the Owner Dashboard in your Avail account to check your vehicle’s status.

What happens if my car isn’t borrowed?
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If you share your vehicle at one of our airport locations, you'll still receive free parking and a car wash. If you share your vehicle at one of our neighborhood locations, you still get a free car wash.

If you’re an Avail Plus owner, you’ll still receive your guaranteed earnings, quarterly bonuses and borrowing credits, even if your vehicle isn’t borrowed.

Who will be driving my car?
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Someone like you. They may be local or from out of town. No matter where they're from, we always pre-screen the drivers who borrow with Avail — every driver must be 18+ years old, pass a motor vehicle record check and have a valid U.S. driver’s license.

Is there a minimum or maximum listing length?
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At our airport locations, you must be able to share your car for a minimum of 3 full consecutive days.

At our neighborhood locations, you must be able to share your car for a minimum of 5 full consecutive days.

There is no limit on how long you can share, as long as your vehicle continues to meet our eligibility requirements.

What vehicles are ineligible for sharing?
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Avail doesn’t accept vehicles with these features:

  • A manual transmission
  • Pick-up trucks, two-door vehicles and two-seater vehicles (Avail will only accept pick-up trucks and two-door vehicles for sharing at our downtown locations)
  • Electric vehicles
  • Tinted windows beyond the legal limit in the state you're sharing in (please see here for tinting laws for your location)
  • A salvage or rebuilt title
  • Dealer plates
  • Snow chains
  • Illuminated dashboard lights
  • Political, profane or excessive bumper stickers
  • Strong smells or vehicles that require excessive cleaning 
  • Seats 10 people or more 
  • Vehicles valued at more than $100,000
  • Subcompact class cars — including Toyota Yaris, Chevrolet Spark, Kia Rio, Honda Fit and similar vehicles — aren’t eligible for the Avail Plus program
  • Vehicles with handicap license plates can be accepted, but won’t be shared with borrowers (Vehicles with handicap license plates aren’t eligible for the Avail Plus program)
What happens to my Avail Plus bonuses if I stop listing?
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If you remove a vehicle from the platform or cancel your listing, you’ll receive all of the bonuses you earned during each full cycle (monthly or quarterly) when your vehicle was listed. Bonuses are not prorated or paid for partial cycles.

If you choose to re-share your vehicle at a later date, the previous sharing period won’t apply to future bonuses and you’ll begin earning bonuses from your new listing starting date.

How does the Avail rental credit work?
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If a vehicle is enrolled in Avail Plus, you’re eligible to receive an Avail rental credit, valid toward borrowing* any vehicle on the Avail platform:  

  • 1-3 months: $100 rental credit (paid after month 3)
  • 4-6 months: $200 rental credit (paid after month 6)
  • 7+ months: $400 rental credit (paid every 6 months starting month 7)

Once you’ve earned an Avail rental credit, it’ll automatically be applied to your borrowed vehicle at checkout. 

Rental credits are valid indefinitely. If you remove your vehicle from the Avail Plus program, your rental credits will still be valid for borrowing a car with Avail.

*All owners are subject to our borrower risk assessment prior to booking a vehicle with Avail and using the borrower credit.

Do I have to receive a third-party inspection?
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If you’re sharing for less than 30 days, you don’t need to receive a third-party inspection to share on Avail. 

Avail Plus owners (sharing for 30 days or longer) may choose to have a qualifying third-party inspection to be eligible for complimentary routine maintenance coverage. Those who choose not to receive an inspection can still share their car, but won’t receive any routine maintenance coverage.

How does the inspection process work?
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You’ll be responsible for scheduling an inspection with Pep Boys and driving your car to and from the appointment, as well as paying the $49.99 fee. You’ll need to tell Pep Boys you are receiving an inspection for Avail and email your completed inspection to

Currently, third-party inspections can only be performed by Pep Boys. We’re working to add more partners and expand ways to receive a qualified inspection.

Can I still share my vehicle if it fails the inspection?
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If your vehicle fails the third-party inspection, you’ll need to take care of the existing issue with the vehicle and provide documentation that it was fixed before sharing with Avail.

What is covered maintenance?
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For vehicles that have passed an approved third-party inspection, Avail will cover routine maintenance, including topping off fluids, oil changes, filling up tires, wiper blade replacement, battery replacement, tire rotations, tire replacements and fuse and light bulb replacements. 

Avail will only cover “High Mileage” maintenance if the vehicle has accrued 15,000 miles or more while enrolled in the Avail Plus program. “High Mileage” maintenance includes, and is limited to, brake changes, transmission replacement and repairs to broken A/C or heat.

When does maintenance coverage start?
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If your vehicle receives and passes a third-party inspection, maintenance coverage will begin on the listing start date.

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