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A line of parked cars shows the front of each, with skyscrapers in the background.

How to start a car rental business

Sharing your car is one of the best, low-risk ways to start a car rental business. Click here to learn how to share your car with Avail!

An over-the-shoulder photo of a driver, and she is turned around looking at the camera with a smiling. Her hands on the steering wheel.

How old do you have to be to rent a car?

You can rent a car before you’re 25, though it can get expensive. But with Avail, all drivers 21 and over pay the same daily rates.

A left hand with a black wristband holds a keyless entry remote for a car. Two white cars are blurry in the background.

Do you need insurance to rent a car?

Most renters use their personal insurance for their rental car but what if you don’t have insurance? Click to learn about your options from Avail.

The left side of a parked white car is shown on the right, with a person on the left wearing jeans and a white, long-sleeved shirt, facing the car, smartphone in hand.

The best car rental apps for your iPhone

The best car rental apps make it easy to book a vehicle and manage your trip right from your iPhone. Here are some of the best rental car apps on the market.

Mountains are silhouetted in an orange glow at sunset, with water below them and a town in the foreground. An elevated bike path is on the right side, with a bicycler riding downhill.

The best scenic drives near Los Angeles

Cruise along the Pacific Coast or head inland to weave through the mountains. These 15 scenic drives in and near Los Angeles are perfect for your next road trip.

Three women are surrounded by woods and sitting around a small camping stove with a pot on top. There is a pitched tent in the middle, where one woman is sitting. On the left is a woman holding a cup with both hands and on the right a woman is sitting holding a piece of paper.

Camping hacks and tips for any camping trip

Planning a camping trip? Use these 10 tips to ensure you have what you need for a fun, comfortable outdoor adventure.

Aerial view of a frozen-over Lake Michigan and the Chicago skyline.

The ultimate guide to enjoying a Chicago winter

Chicago knows about cold weather! With activities from curling to sledding and fun things to do indoors, this is the ultimate guide to enjoying a Chicago winter.

Wide view of Denver’s city skyline from the west side of town, with snow on the ground.

Fun things to do in Denver during winter

From tubing to soaking in hot springs, there’s a range of fun things to do in Denver in the winter. Pack your itinerary with these top indoor and outdoor activities.

A small circular white cake with colorful sprinkles on the top and around the sides, but not on the bottom half of the cake. “Happy birthday” stands atop the cake in capitalized gold letters.

The best places to travel for your birthday

Traveling to a new or familiar place for your birthday is a great way to enjoy the occasion. These 5 destinations are top picks for a fun getaway.

Three women smiling in a group. The one on the left is holding the brim of her hat, and on the right, one is on piggyback of the other.

The best tour companies and travel tips for women

There are plenty of tour options for solo female travelers and women traveling in a group. We share some top female-focused travel companies, as well as safety tips.

glamping tent setup in california

The Ultimate Guide to Glamping in California

Glamping is the perfect option when you want the experience of camping without giving up the comforts of a hotel. Learn about some of the best glamping spots in Cali

just married sign on car

Affordable Honeymoon Destinations for Every Budget

If your dream wedding leaves you low on funds, these 9 affordable honeymoon destinations in the U.S. offer plenty of romantic experiences for those on a budget.