Every Trip is Protected

No choosing plans. Allstate provides the coverage you need.

Protected at Every Step

Whether you’re borrowing a car or sharing your own, your vehicle is protected by Avail’s Allstate insurance policy.*
Before A Trip

From the second a car is left with us, Avail's Allstate policy kicks in. Our lot staff inspect and document all incoming cars to ensure we hand each car back to its owner in the same condition it was dropped off in.

During A Trip

All trips are covered at no additional cost. We provide borrowers with $100,000 in liability coverage, or their state's minimum requirement (whichever is higher). This coverage is excess over any other insurance that may exist.** Owners receive up to $1 million in primary liability coverage.

After A Trip

We inspect every vehicle upon its return to make sure it’s running smoothly and there’s no physical damage. If there’s noticeable damage, we file a claim on the owner’s behalf and coordinate repairs. The insurer may reach out to the borrower to gather details for the claim. Owners never pay anything in the rare case their car is damaged.

*Avail owners are required to have collision and comprehensive coverage on their personal policy (Avail Plus owners are exempt from this requirement). All owners, including owners with Avail Plus status, are responsible for meeting their state’s minimum insurance coverage requirements.

**Through June 19, 2022, Avail will provide primary liability coverage for borrowers, up to $1 million. Effective June 20, 2022, Avail’s insurance coverage for borrowers will be at the level described above and excess over any other insurance that may exist.

What If Something Unexpected Happens?

When the unexpected comes up, we facilitate the entire claims process and keep you updated on what happens next.
What if...
I’m in an accident while driving an Avail car
Call Avail's 24/7 Roadside Assistance

We pick up the Avail car and get you to a safe location.

We help you file a claim

We facilitate the entire process. Under Avail's insurance policy, you'll pay up to a $500 deductible only if you are at fault for the accident.

We get you back on the road

We set you up with a new vehicle so you can get back to your trip.

What if...
My car is in an accident while shared on Avail
Graphic of a car on a cell phone with a check mark next to the car.
We call you

We will reach out to you and let you know how and where your car is damaged. If you notice undocumented damage, call Avail Support at 877-447-9403 to let us know.

We contact Allstate

We work with Allstate to document the accident and file an insurance claim so that your car can get repaired. We will provide you with an alternative car if you need it.

Cost estimate & repair

Allstate will contact you to assess how much repairs will cost and start fixing your car. You will never be financially responsible for any damage to your car, but we do need your permission to make any repairs.

Allstate follows up

An Allstate claims adjuster will provide you regular updates about the status of your car/claim. If you have any questions, reach out to your adjuster directly or call Avail Support at 877-447-9403 and select "3" for assistance.

You get reimbursed

Allstate will handle direct payment to the owner of the car. If you don’t fully own the car, Allstate works with your financial institution or lienholder.

We get your car back

Avail will get your car back to you so you can start sharing it again if you’d like.

24/7 Customer Support & Assistance

We’re always here if you have any questions or concerns about using Avail, sharing your car, or insurance. Give us a call at 877-447-9403 or chat with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

For Borrowers
Can I use my own insurance for a discount?

No. Avail provides coverage for everyone participating in car sharing. Since we would not use your policy for an accident, there is no discount for having an additional policy.

What happens if I ding or scratch the car?

Once we find damage, we will file a claim with our insurance company, Allstate. Allstate will work with you to determine what happened while you were borrowing an Avail car. Deductibles or fees may apply.

Do I ever have to pay a deductible if the car gets damaged?

Yes. If Avail’s insurance pays to repair the damage and you are found to be at fault for damage to the vehicle, you may be responsible for a $500 deductible.

Effective June 20, 2022, Avail’s insurance is excess over any other coverage that may exist (i.e. your personal auto policy or a credit card policy). If those policies pay to repair the damage, then they may have different deductibles that apply.

For questions about whether your personal auto policy or credit card policy may apply, please contact your insurance provider or a licensed insurance agent.

Will my personal insurance cover my Avail trip?

Since Avail’s coverage is always excess (secondary) over any other insurance that might exist, it is possible that other policies, such as your personal auto policy or a credit card policy, will cover any damage to the vehicle that might have occurred during your trip.

Don’t stress if you don’t have other insurance or your personal policy will not cover you on your Avail trip! Allstate’s insurance will provide coverage in that case.

For questions about whether your personal auto policy or credit card policy may apply, please contact your insurance provider or a licensed insurance agent.

For Owners
Can I get rid of my insurance on the car I’m sharing?

Avail has a best in class auto policy to cover your car while car sharing.  This policy requires customers who are not a part of the Avail Plus long-term sharing program to have physical damage coverage on the car to get coverage. If you are part of Avail Plus, our policy drops that requirement. Regardless of whether you’re sharing long-term or not, your state may require proof of coverage and may not accept Avail’s policy. You should speak to your insurance agent about your state’s laws since you are responsible for meeting those.

How does Avail ensure my car is undamaged upon return?

Avail inspects your car when you drop it off, including taking photos and a video. We then inspect your car after every trip to capture any damage and ensure your car is quickly repaired if damaged.

What happens if my car is in an accident?

Once we find damage, we will file a claim with our insurance company, Allstate. From there, we’ll work with you to make repairs and provide you alternative transportation if needed while your car is being fixed. Car owners are never financially responsible for a deductible while sharing and Avail will not file a claim on your personal auto policy.

What if I find dings or scratches on my car after sharing?

Contact Avail. We will work with Allstate and yourself to get the damage inspected and, if it occurred while car sharing, repaired.