Relax, You’re Covered by Allstate

Borrowers and Owners using Avail get full coverage insurance every trip.

Why You'll Love Us

Avail is a car sharing service created for people like you. No up-selling. No tire spikes. Just clean, safe cars when you need them.

Reservation Guaranteed

Full Coverage

Allstate insurance is included in every car’s daily rate. No additional charges or worrying about being underinsured.

Reservation Guaranteed

Detailed Inspections

We check every car before and after each trip to ensure it’s in good working order and make sure all owners perform routine maintenance on their vehicles.

Reservation Guaranteed

We’ve Got Your Back 24/7

Help is just a phone call away. We’re ready around the clock with roadside assistance and customer support if you need it.

How Insurance Works for Borrowers

Put simply: if you’re not at fault, you pay nothing. If you are at fault, the most you pay is a $500 deductible.* All other damage will be covered by Allstate insurance.

*Fault will be determined by Allstate claims after a claim is submitted

Borrow a Car
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How Insurance Works for Car Owners

There are no deductibles while your car is being shared at an Avail airport lot*.

Car owners sharing in an apartment building are responsible for a $500 deductible if damage occurs while their car is parked and listed as available, but not on an active trip. Otherwise, there is no deductible and no cost for insurance.

Park & Share

What Full Coverage Means

Liability Coverage

Liability means damage to others, not to you. We’ll cover up to $1 million for any damage caused to other people or property.

Physical Damage Coverage

This covers damage up to the cost of the vehicle in any case where the car is physically damaged by a collision, falling object, or person.

More FAQs

Have questions about the nitty-gritty details? No problem. Take a look at our insurance FAQs about car sharing in our Help Center.

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*Valid only for time car is listed on Avail. Must have comprehensive personal auto insurance or be enrolled in the Avail Plus or Avail Plus Limited Offer Owners program to be eligible. Why?