Everything You Should Know About Renting a Car for a Business Trip

Everything You Should Know About Renting a Car for a Business Trip

Renting a car for business is always a bit confusing. Can a company rent a car for an employee? Who’s footing the bill? Will you be reimbursed for any expenses? Do you go with a basic economy car or should you get something a little nicer to impress clients? What about insurance? There are lots of questions you may have, and your company probably didn’t go over rental car details during training.

It’s important to chat with your manager or someone in the people (HR) department who’s knowledgeable about travel protocol before you book. Otherwise, you might miss out on crucial discounts, loopholes, or details while renting a car for business use. Business car rentals can be pretty straightforward and easy, too. Here’s what to know. 

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Paying for a Business Rental

The good thing about traveling for business is that you’ll almost never have to foot the bill when renting a car for business use (unless you try to sneak in a convertible upgrade). The downside is, company policies can be confusing and rental car companies may not be aware of the details unless you’re employed by a massive company.

You might be asked to present your own credit card to cover any incidental charges. If you don’t have a company card, make sure to keep good track of your receipts so your company can reimburse you when you get back. It’s a temporary pain, but your business should be adamant and prompt about paying you back. 

Car Rental Insurance for Business Trips

When renting a car for business, you should make sure you have insurance coverage, and preferably coverage offered by your employer. If you don’t have personal auto coverage, you might want to look into getting traveler’s insurance, which often includes coverage for rental cars. You should also check with your credit card company to see if your benefits include rental car coverage.

Doing your due diligence can often save you hundreds of dollars of unnecessary charges on your rental car invoice. Finally, ask your company if they have a contract with a particular rental car company that includes insurance coverage. Many large corporations have long-standing relationships with big rental companies and have all the details ironed out, making car rental for business a smooth and fast process.

Inspecting Rental Cars for Business Travel

Even though you may not be on the hook for the bill, it’s always a good idea to check for scratches, dents, nicks, and any interior damage to the rental car. No one wants to be stuck in a hard spot if the rental car company is trying to charge the employer for damage, and the employer thinks you’re the one responsible. We’re not trying to freak you out with ‘what-ifs’, but a quick once-over only takes about 5 minutes and gives you the peace of mind you need to travel confidently.

Your employer may never know or see that you do it, but having smooth business trips makes things easier for you, too. No one likes dealing with minutiae for weeks after you get back home. Business travel is hard enough as it is! 

Alternatives to Renting a Car for Business

If your company doesn’t have an established relationship with a big rental car company, you may score some points with them by exploring car rental alternatives like Avail. Renting a car for business through a car sharing company can save a lot of time and money. It’s almost exactly like renting a car for business, but the car is owned by a real person and not a large rental car company. Car sharing companies like Avail offer coverage included with every trip, as well as no hidden fees or second driver fees. You can browse Avail’s selection of cars and compare daily rates.