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Best Travel Snacks for Children
November 9, 2021

Best Travel Snacks for Children

Whether taking a road trip or traveling by air for your next family vacation, keeping enough snacks on hand for your kids is a key part of a successful trip. Travel snacks for toddlers and kids should be easy and mess-free so that you’re not left to deal with smeared faces or dirty seats. Get inspired by these best snacks for travel broken down by your preferred mode of travel. 

Mess-free road trip snacks for toddlers and big kids

Traveling in a car for more than a couple of hours definitely warrants a bag of snacks to keep your passengers happy. But when a burst of hunger hits, you may not be able to help your child beyond opening the snack and passing it back. That’s why it’s important to bring treats that are easy for children of any age to eat without creating a huge mess. Here are some ideas for both healthy and treat-worthy travel snacks for kids in the car.

child eating in car


These are a great crunchy snack to have on hand for all ages in the car. Toss a bag in the car or pre-package in Ziploc bags in your desired portions for each child (and adult!).

Fruit leather

It’s easy to toss a handful of fruit leather in your bag for a road trip. They won’t get crushed and there are plenty of varieties available to take your pick of natural ingredients. 

Frozen yogurt tubes

Sticking yogurt tubes in the freezer the night before you leave offers your kids a cool trip during a summer road trip. By the time they’re ready for a snack, you can pass out these treats — and you don’t even need a cooler.

Banana bread

Do you have a bunch of overripe bananas on the counter the day before your trip? Whip up a quick banana bread (or muffin) recipe to take on your trip. This filling treat will keep everyone feeling full until the next meal time. 


Traveling on a budget? Pop some popcorn in the microwave before you go and dole out in separate snack bags for your kids. You can pick both sweet and savory to satisfy anyone’s mood.

Peanut butter wraps

This is a great travel snack that can double as a meal. Simply spread peanut butter over a soft tortilla, then roll up for an easy treat that doesn’t cause a huge mess. 

Hummus and veggies

Here’s a healthy snack option that works best with a small cooler or insulated lunch bag. Pre-chop veggies like carrot sticks and celery, then fill a small container with hummus.

String cheese

If you do have space for a cooler or lunch bag, throw some cheese sticks in there as well. This protein-packed snack will put a smile on any kid’s face; plus, it’s gluten free.

Rice cakes

These are good for toddlers who are teething. Plus, you usually don’t need to worry about choking since the dried rice quickly gets soggy.


Talk about a grab-and-go snack. Just wash a few apples before you leave and place one in a drink holder near each child. They’ll have a healthy snack waiting as soon as they’re hungry.

TSA-friendly airplane snacks for toddlers and big kids

Planning airplane snacks comes with its own set of challenges. On the one hand, you’re sitting next to your kids and have access to a tray. That gives you more leeway in how things are packaged. On the other hand, however, you need light-weight snacks that will pass through airport security in your carry-on bag. And there’s definitely no room for a cooler. Check out these ideas for best snacks for travel when in the air.

child eating on airplane

Dried fruit

This snack is healthy and light, so you won’t feel weighed down as you navigate the airport. 

Mini bagels

Add some peanut butter or cream cheese for a heartier snack that will keep your child feeling full through the entire flight.

Squeeze fruit pouches

These fruit-filled pouches will get through security, but are also easy to toss into a carry-on bag and pass out to your kids on the flight. Plus, you can find an array of flavors to mix things up from the usual applesauce.

Jerky sticks

Older kids will enjoy the salty bite of beef jerky sticks. They can even fit in a pocket, giving each child the opportunity to be responsible for their own snack.

Granola bars

Here’s another option that works anytime of day and can even pinch-hit as a meal replacement. Budget-friendly granola bars are easy to bring on board. And you’ll find plenty of options to meet any type of dietary restrictions, like nut-free, gluten-free, or dairy-free.

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