What to Do With Your Car While You're On Vacation

What to Do With Your Car While You're On Vacation

#1: Leave your car with friends or family

One of the simplest methods is to leave your car with either a friend or family member. This works best if they have a driveway so you can avoid street parking rules. Plus, it’s easier for them to keep an eye on it. If the car will be parked on the street, remind them to pay attention to any parking rules, like moving it on street cleaning day. Also, ask them to take the car for a drive if you’re gone for more than a week or two. This helps to keep your car running smoothly. Just remember that any accidents that happen in the car will be subject to your car insurance policy.

#2: Keep it at the rental car lot

Have you ever wondered, “Can I leave my car at a car rental place?” When you rent a car for a road trip, this seems like a logical solution. But the answer really depends on the car rental company’s specific rules. Many rental companies do let you leave your own car on-site. But even if they do, they won’t be held responsible for any damage or theft that occurs when you’re gone. This adds more risk to worry about while you’re away on vacation.

#3: Park in an off-airport parking lot

Figuring out the answer to, “Where can I park my car for a month?” probably leads to some pretty expensive options. One budget-friendly choice is to park it in an off-airport parking lot. These parking facilities are usually either lots or garages. They’re located near airports but are typically much less expensive than parking directly at the airport. You may even get to use a shuttle to take you to the airport with your luggage. Search your departing airport and see what off-site parking areas are available.

cars in a parking lot

#4: Leave it at work

Another idea for where to leave your car when on vacation is in your office parking spot. You’ll need to check and make sure you’re allowed to keep your car there overnight but it could be a free way to keep your car. Find out if there are any other rules to avoid getting towed and what security measures are in place — if any. Most garages and parking lots won’t be held responsible for theft or damage, but they may have gates and security cameras to add a layer of safety.

#5: Use long-term vehicle storage

For an extended vacation, you’ll need to find where to park your car for the long term. For best results, pick a long-term storage facility that’s climate-controlled. Also prepare your car for sitting idly by disconnecting the battery and getting your fluids topped off before you park it. You may even want to jack up the car to take pressure off the tires and extend their life. 

#6: Rent someone’s garage

For a short vacation, try renting out someone’s garage. There are apps that let you pay to park your car in someone’s personal garage or parking spot. Browse by location to find an affordable spot near your home or near your departure point (like a train station, airport, or friend’s house). You can also filter search results by garage versus parking spot, and explore what other security features are in place. 

#7: Make money with peer to peer car sharing

How much is it to leave your car at the airport? The daily rate can add up quickly, no matter how long your trip may be. But the convenience of leaving your car at the airport is alluring, especially if you’re on a tight schedule or simply don’t feel like making extra arrangements for your car. Instead of paying the on-site rate, pay yourself by sharing your car at the airport.

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