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Top 8 Ideas for a Safe Spring Break Vacation
March 1, 2022

Top 8 Ideas for a Safe Spring Break Vacation

Spring break is coming in hot! We don’t know about you, but after a couple of rough years of limited travel, we’re taking any excuse we can for vacation. Regardless, you’re probably still being a bit more cautious these days when it comes to travel. You’re eager to take a trip but you want to do it safely. So where do you go? 

Whether your top concern is Covid-19 or ensuring a safe family environment for your trip, there are tons of destinations and ideas for safe spring break travel. We know you really need a vacation! So do yourself a favor and find the right, safe destination where you can unwind with your friends and family. Here are a few ideas to get your travel bug buzzing: 

Florida Keys

Florida is a popular place to travel for spring break. But if you’re looking to avoid the crowds and want a more low-key vibe, head to the Florida Keys. Tropical islands you don’t need a passport to visit? Yes please.

It’s true: some areas in Florida are going to be prime spots for spring breakers (stay clear of Key West), but there are lots of other islands where you can find exactly what you need to relax and avoid the chaos. Take Big Pine Key or Duck Key, for example, where you can snorkel, scuba, and boat your heart out in peace without the crowds. And you may even spot a few dolphins if you’re lucky. 

Oregon Coast 

If you’re looking for a place to snuggle up in a cozy cabin, or spend your days walking along romantic foggy beaches surrounded by majestic jutting rocks, Oregon’s coast is this year’s spring break dream. You can camp, hike, or drive along the region’s 180 miles of stunning seaside cliffs for the week and explore the endless Pacific Northwest beauty. 

Places like Cannon Beach, for example, are chilly and tranquil, with sandy beaches that are also dog-friendly. Head to quaint towns along the coast for local wine tastings and fun shops, and enjoy a different kind of safe and easy beach vacation. 

hanging lake rocky mountain national park

Colorado Rocky Mountains 

Looking to shred some powder in the springtime sun? Colorado’s Rocky Mountains are the place. With 32 different ski resorts packed into every crevice of the Rockies, there’s always great snow to be found. Skiing is an excellent Covid-safe activity, as social distancing is easy to maintain and lots of folks may already have their noses and mouths covered for snowy protection. 

When it comes to avoiding precarious party scenes, mountain towns are also a great mix of families and young folks, with a fun but safe nightlife that probably won’t lead you down the path of a “SB 2022” tattoo. 

Bonus: Despite the chill and snow, Colorado gets tons of sunshine, making it an ideal spring break destination. You may even come across a few brave folks blazing down the mountain in shorts or bikinis. 

Asheville, North Carolina 

If you’re looking for a fun time out without the spring break travel craze, check out Asheville. This city in North Carolina’s Blue Ridge Mountains boasts a vibrant art scene and historic architecture, with loads of outdoor activities right in your backyard. 

Just a two-hour drive from Charlotte will get you to great trails and next-level microbreweries, along with a booming restaurant scene that’s getting a lot of press. Asheville is also a secretly fantastic place for live music and local festivals in a fun (but safe) funky mountain environment with a twist of southern flair. 

San Juan Islands, Washington 

Spend the day exploring Seattle and then start your island hopping adventure via Washington state’s well-run ferry system. Each island has a unique experience for whatever outdoor adventure you’re after, whether it’s Lopez Island’s bike trails or a secluded cabin on Orcas Island. 

Water activities abound on the San Juans. Rent paddle boats or kayaks, or go whale watching to catch a glimpse of orcas and humpbacks. Hike along the coast into dense forests where you’ll find stunning waterfalls and unique wildlife. It’s a safe destination to relax, unwind, and experience a unique kind of spring break island vacation. 

nashville skyline


Start your adventure in Nashville and road trip through the great state of Tennessee. Far less touristy than other U.S. mountain areas, the Great Smokies of Tennessee are worthy of a spring break visit. Hike through lush forests and camp, or try out glamping and stay in a renovated tree house deep in the woods. 

Drive on to discover the history of blues in Memphis, and listen to upcoming artists play on Beale Street, where B.B. King used to play. Then get a little line-dancing in with some of the nation’s best country music venues back at your start in Nashville.

Salt Lake City, Utah 

Get the best of spring and winter with a spring break trip to Salt Lake City. Skiing and snowboarding are an obvious draw to the city this time of year, with four Olympian-worthy slopes that cozy right up to the city. In Salt Lake City, it’s the mountains in the morning and some city exploration at night. And when you’re not shredding powder, check out the Desert Salt Flats, tour the olympic venues, or visit the Clark planetarium. 

In the springtime, Antelope Island is another cool spot to check out. It’s the biggest island on the Great Salt Lake and boasts awesome hiking, biking, and horseback trails, with great campgrounds where you can see all sorts of unique native plants and animals. 

Charleston, South Carolina 

Cruise on a few hours from Charlotte through the peaceful Carolina countryside and you’ll  end up in the historic southern port city of Charleston. The small city has a bustling restaurant scene that has really put southern food on the national culinary map, and provides endless entertainment. Think: spicy shrimp and grits, endless oysters, and modern southern dishes. 

Even more profound is the city’s rich African American heritage, which contributes to Charleston’s vibrant art and architecture scene. Dig deep into the historical monuments, museums, and buildings, and you’ll leave Charleston with a far greater understanding of U.S. history and an appreciation for important local cultures.