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The Best Alternatives to Uber and Lyft
February 14, 2022

The best alternatives to Uber and Lyft

There are plenty of reasons why you may be looking for Uber alternatives the next time you need a ride. Maybe you've read some negative reviews or have heard of others who have had less than positive experiences with them. Or maybe you find the payment structure confusing and expensive, especially when you end up being subjected to surge prices. Whatever your issues may be, check out these seven alternatives to Uber and Lyft so you can get to your destination on your own terms.

woamn standing next to car


Avail’s car sharing service lets you rent a car in neighborhoods throughout Chicago and Denver. It’s an Uber driver’s alternative as much as it is an alternative for riders. Book a car for the amount of time you need and enjoy all of the perks that come with an Avail rental. For starters, all Avail trips are protected by insurance coverage from Allstate and include 24/7 roadside assistance. If something happens while you’re driving, you have peace of mind knowing you’re covered. There’s no fee to add a second driver, so you can split the cost with a friend and share the car to run errands or go on a getaway together. Finally, there’s no fee to cancel or change your reservation, so your ride can be as flexible as your schedule.


Wingz is an alternative for Uber when you need a ride to the airport. Drivers go through an intensive vetting process in addition to health and safety training, which is especially important when traveling during COVID times. Wingz drivers focus on customer service. You can schedule your rides months in advance, then enjoy drivers who arrive on time so you don’t have to sit around waiting. Plus, the cost is cheaper than picking up a taxi from the airport.


Download the Curb app to access traditional taxis in major cities, including New York City, Boston, Philadelphia, Las Vegas, and Miami. It has the same mobile features you love from Uber or Lyft, while getting accessed to fully licensed and insured taxi cab drivers. You can request a ride through the app as well as pay, so you don’t have to worry about having cash on hand. Plus, you’ll see your cab fare upfront, giving you total transparency into the actual cost of your trip.


Need an Uber alternative in the USA that helps you get your kids safely from place to place? HopSkipDrive has a network of vetted CareDrivers who can pick up your kids from school and afterschool activities and get them home. There are multi-factor authentication protocols in place so that your child and their driver can identify each other. And each ride is tracked in real-time by the HopSkipDrive customer support team. Plus, parents also get mobile alerts to track their child’s progress. 

Earth Rides

Earth Rides is a Nashville, TN and Austin, TX Uber alternative. But instead of allowing any car to participate in its ridesharing program, all drivers are equipped with Teslas and other electric vehicles. Plus, there’s no price surging so you’ll know what to expect when you go to request a ride. If you don’t live in one of the two current Earth Rides cities, be patient. The company is launching availability in eight more cities across Texas and Tennessee.


Kidcaboo is another ridesharing program designed to help parents with their children’s transportation needs. All drivers are vetted nannies, so you know your child is being driven with childcare expertise. Once you request a ride, you can see your driver’s profile and approve the choice. There is also tracking software within the app so you know your child’s location every step of the way. Currently, Kidcaboo is available in three Texas cities: Dallas, Houston, and Austin.