5 Benefits of Car Sharing vs. Car Rental

5 Benefits of Car Sharing

Out of town and need a car? Instead of using a car rental agency, consider car sharing — a way for travelers who need a car to connect with car owners. Car sharing is growing in popularity, as there are a lot of benefits that car sharing has over renting. Here are a few:

  1. No need to plan in advance: Car rental agencies are notorious for jacking up their prices closer to your travel date. Car sharing is different. If your schedule and a car owner’s schedule align, the car is yours at a reasonable price — even if you opt to reserve your car the day of travel.
  2. Minimal gate keeping: Car rental companies can have a lot of requirements for renters and may even treat renters differently based on age or payment method. Car sharing companies like Avail have fewer restrictions, allowing most drivers with valid licenses and clean records to qualify for a car.
  3. No lines: With a car sharing service, you use a mobile app to check available cars, choose the one you like, and make your payment. Once you’re ready to pick it up, there’s no need to stand in line at a car rental counter.
  4. Honest pricing: A price quote from a rental agency may not include fees and extra charges, some of which are easy to miss in all the fine print. Car sharing services use a different business model and don’t try to nickel and dime their users.
  5. Get the car you need: The right car can make a huge difference in your travel experience. With car rental companies, there’s a real chance that someone may drive off in your preferred vehicle before your plane lands. With car sharing, what you book is what you’ll get.
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How Does Car Sharing Work?

Every car sharing service works a little differently, but the basic concept is the same: car sharing  apps connect owners with drivers to list and select cars, check driving records, verify licenses, and collect payments. Borrowers get reliable, affordable cars whenever they want, and owners earn money for lending their vehicles.  

How to Know if Car Sharing Is The Right Option For You

When considering car sharing vs. car rental, here are a few questions to think about:

Is my travel date coming up soon?

If you don’t already have a car reservation, you may be surprised when you check for quotes. A car sharing service may be able to save you hundreds of dollars.

Am I under 25?

Many rental companies set driver age restrictions. Some won’t rent to you at all, while others may make you pay an extra daily fee for renting with them. Many car sharing services don’t discriminate against younger drivers. At Avail, we rent to drivers who are 21+ years old.

Is my flight getting in late?

Car renters often lament that late flights mean that they’re stuck with “leftover” vehicles. Even worse, some rental companies may have no cars available at the lot. You’ll have to take a cab to your hotel and pick up your car the next day. With car sharing, you’re matched with an owner and a car. The car is ready when you are.

Do I have car insurance?

While car insurance policies often cover policyholders when they drive rental cars, many people don’t own a car and don’t have insurance coverage. If you fall into this category, you might have to purchase an expensive policy from a traditional car rental company. Car sharing services may be able to provide a more affordable insurance option.

Learn More About Avail Car Sharing

Avail car sharing offers the best of both worlds to its borrowers, including convenient airport pickup of your vehicle, flexible scheduling, and no age restrictions. We offer transparent pricing that includes Allstate insurance coverage and 24/7 road side assistance.

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