The 15 Most Useful Travel Accessories

The 15 Most Useful Travel Accessories

Most people love to travel. But anyone who’s ever taken a big trip knows that leaving the comfort of your own home means a lot of discomfort, boredom, and improvisation when you’re far away from all your stuff. Every traveler faces inconveniences, obstacles, and layovers that can be exhausting if you don’t bring the right tools.

Must-have travel items like a handy phone charger, top-notch travel pillow, or discreet money belt make your trip much more comfortable, happy, and safe. Aside from the staple accessories mentioned above, there are plenty of other great travel accessories to give your journey all the bells and whistles of home.

Here are our recs for the best travel accessories to bring with you on your next big adventure.

portable phone charger

5 Best Tech Accessories for Travel

  • Noise cancelling headphones - investing in a good pair of headphones is a decision no one regrets. Planes, trains, and cars all come with a lot of noise, as well as other people’s conversations, crying babies, and that one person who always blasts their movie or music too loud (don’t be THAT guy). A good pair of music or noise cancelling headphones can help you sleep, focus, and travel in peace, making you more well rested and happier when you reach your final destination.
  • Portable charger – quit eyeing airport power outlets like a hawk when you have a portable charger. We all desperately need our phones for entertainment on the road, not to mention accessing important documents, boarding passes, and ticket confirmations. Having a portable charger can give you peace of mind and the extra day of power you might need in a crunch.
  • iPad/Kindle – having a portable reader or large screen to access the internet can turn a long flight into a breeze. Read books, watch movies, and play games on a screen that’s easier to see than a smartphone.
  • Universal power adapter – someone finally did it. They made a charger that fits the format of over 150 countries. It’s a little bulkier than your normal charger, but it’s ready for just about any outlet you’ll encounter on your journey.
  • Mobile Wifi Hotspot – being able to connect to the internet anywhere is a must these days. Grab a hotspot so you don’t have to worry about slow public wifi or paying an arm and a leg for exclusive access abroad. Be sure to check the frequencies that each device supports. Different countries use different frequencies and some may not be supported depending on where you travel the most.

10 Best Travel Accessories for Men & Women

  • Money belt – keeping a few hundred bucks in cash on you is always handy when you’re traveling to another country. Wallets are easily spotted and pickpocketed, but money belts fit discreetly on your pants or under your belt line around your waist. Just remember where you put it! 
  • Travel pillow – not all travel pillows are created equal. We recommend not buying the cheapest option and not buying a pillow at the actual airport. Pillows are personal, so you’ll want to shop around and make sure you have the right material and consistency you want. Inflatable pillows can also be a good option and don’t take as much space.
  • Headlamp – headlamps are a crucial travel accessory. Not every spot you go will be well lit, and even if you can see, not everyone else can see you. Most headlamps are incredibly inexpensive and can in some situations be the difference between life and death. We don’t mean to be dramatic, but it’ll at least make finding your things in the dark a lot easier. 
  • GoPro, Digital camera, or Drone – phone cameras are great, but many fail to really capture the kind of videos you want to show off. Having a second camera handy can help you get those amazing shots for the ‘gram, ‘tube, or ‘tok that will have the likes, faves, and shares rolling in.
  • Travel toiletries – some of the best travel accessories are the most simple. Items like a foldable toothbrush, microfiber travel towel, sanitizing wipes, solid shampoo and conditioner bars, and a toiletry bag will keep you feeling (and smelling) fresh while you travel. 
  • Travel blanket – bring a blanket. Any long trip means you’re going to have to nap or sleep somewhere odd. Having even a light blanket can give you the comfort you need to fall asleep and feel (somewhat) comfortable outside of your own bed. They’re also nice to wrap up in on the always-chilly plane ride even if you’re not dozing off.
  • Laundry bags – having a place to put dirty clothes within your luggage helps keep everything clean and prevents you from digging through clothes and smelling them wondering “did I wear this or not?”
  • Melatonin – most must-have travel accessories all deal with sleeping. You’ll seldom get a spot to lie all the way down while on a plane, train, or bus, so having a natural sleep aid handy like melatonin can be the bump you need to catch some zzzs and stay asleep for a few hours.
  • Daypack/backpack – every traveler needs a good backpack to keep their stuff safe and in order. There are plenty of varieties, from tech-savvy backpacks that can charge your devices anywhere, to rugged outdoor packs ready to withstand the elements. Investing in a good backpack is worth it, and some companies like Jansport have lifetime guarantees. 
  • Water bottle & purifier - save yourself from the dreaded $5-6 bottle of water at the airport. If you’re willing to spend a little extra money, you can find water bottles with built-in purifiers or filters for extra peace of mind. Traveling can be so hectic and rushed that you forget to drink, and lugging around a water bottle is a great reminder to drink up!

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