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How to make money while you travel
July 22, 2021

How to make money while you travel

Figuring out how to make money while traveling can help you stay on the road longer while earning money. No matter where you’re going or what your schedule is like, there are plenty of ways you can make money traveling. Here are some ideas to get inspired before you plan your next trip.

Work remotely

More and more jobs are allowing people to work remotely today. Take advantage of this employer benefit if it’s available to you. That way you can maintain your current income and travel for an extended period of time. Another remote work strategy to figure out how to make money traveling full time is freelancing. You can create your own digital services business and work with multiple clients on your own schedule. Writing, web design, and graphic design are just a few ideas to consider. 

Sell digital travel photos

Looking to make extra money while traveling? No matter how long you’ll be gone, selling your photos online can help with your costs. For best results, use a high quality digital camera. But you may also be able to use your iPhone for high resolution shots. List your photos for sale on a stock image website and you could start earning commissions. 

taking pictures of flowers

Teach English as a foreign language

Utilize your native language skills by teaching English to students while traveling abroad. You don’t need any type of special certification. Look for local or online job boards to find a gig that suits your schedule and experience. Alternatively, consider teaching English virtually. That way you can still make money even if you’re in an English-speaking country. 

Rent out your house

If you own your house or are allowed to sublet your rental, consider becoming a host on a home-sharing platform like Airbnb or VRBO. List your home (or room) to rent while you’re away. Guests go through a vetting process and sites like Airbnb offer an insurance policy to lower the risk of having a stranger in your home. Creating a listing is easy and you can create your own house rules for guests.

Deliver packages while you travel

Wondering how to make money while traveling the world? Consider delivering packages, whether you’re taking a U.S. road trip or heading abroad. International deliveries often involve taking products to countries where they’re not available. And U.S. deliveries are often packages that may be too large or fragile to ship.

Become a house-sitter

Cut back on your lodging expenses by working as a house-sitter while traveling. Find a matching platform online to find locals who need someone to watch their house while they are out of town. You may need to care for pets or perform some yard work while you’re there. Each listing has its own description of what needs to be done. House sitting is a great way to experience neighborhood life rather than a more tourist-centered location. 

Do seasonal work on the road

Immerse yourself in your destination by doing seasonal work unique to the area. Work on a farm during harvest season or sign up to volunteer at a farm abroad. There are plenty of programs available to help you get matched with the best option. Obviously, this is a physical job but can be rewarding, especially if you enjoy being outside. Pay may vary, or you may work in exchange for food and lodging.

Volunteer abroad

If you prefer to skip the farm life, you can still make money traveling and working in a different way. Volunteering abroad can earn you lodging and meals, plus a chance to test out your language skills. There are plenty of online websites, such as Workaway, which lists volunteer opportunities across the world. Help restore a French chateau or do a culture and language exchange in Ukraine — the possibilities are endless. 

Dog-sit while traveling

You can make extra money traveling as a dog-sitter, just as you would in your home city. Unlike house sitting, you can stay wherever you like and create a schedule that works with your other plans. If you already dog-sit at home, you may have an easier time finding gigs. Otherwise, make your online profile before you head out for your trip. You can even start booking appointments for the time you’ll be in your destination city. 

Rent out your car

If you’re not driving your car while you travel, consider renting it out through Avail’s car sharing service. Just leave your car at one of our locations in Chicago or Denver.  You can earn up to $25 per day while you’re gone. Plus, your car is protected by insurance from Allstate and your car’s location is monitored at all times. It’s an easy, passive way to make money no matter where you go.