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How to Avoid Overpaying for Car Rental In Phoenix
September 28, 2021

How to Avoid Overpaying for Car Rental In Phoenix

Phoenix is always a popular year round destination because of its hot, arid climate, incredible sunsets, and plethora of outdoor activities in the desert. Whether it’s MLB spring training, golfing, cooling off by the pool, or exploring the otherworldly landscape and nearby national forests, Phoenix has it all. But with all that excitement comes tons of travelers, as well as sky-high demand for rental cars in Phoenix. So how can you avoid overpaying potentially hundreds of dollars per day for a rental car? Check out these quick insider tips!

woman looking out of car window in Phoenix desert

Shop Around

When you’re in a crunch, it’s easy to look at the first couple of rental sites and get pressured into booking a car. Lots of rental companies will make it seem like your price is only good for a few hours, tempting you to book ASAP. Many times, this simply isn’t true. Shopping around at all the different rental companies can often save you lots of money. You should also be honest with yourself about the type of driving you’re doing.

Sure, it’s tempting to get an SUV when you think you’ll be exploring rugged desert or mountain roads and blazing new trails. But unless you have tons of gear or a big group, most sedans or economy vehicles will do just fine. Pro tip: search about 4 weeks before you arrive in Phoenix, usually this is when rental companies offer the best rates.

Don’t rent a car at the airport

This one is tricky, because car rental at Phoenix Sky Harbor will always seem like the logical, convenient choice. And while that may be the initial thought, you might be surprised that there are more car rental companies within a short driving distance of the airport. Travelers coming into Phoenix report it’s only about a $20 cab ride into the city where there are lots of options for renting a car. You’ll likely be able to save way more than $20 when booking a rental car offsite from Sky Harbor, and only add a few minutes on your journey. 

Try Car Rental Alternatives

There are plenty of options these days besides traditional car rental in Phoenix. Car sharing is a great option, and the only real difference is you’re renting someone’s personal car as opposed to a car owned by a car rental company. Car sharing companies often have lower daily rates because there’s no overhead cost of maintaining a fleet.