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Holiday Travel Safety Tips
November 16, 2021

Holiday Travel Safety Tips 

Holiday travel in 2021 is expected to double from 2020’s levels. If you’re ready to get out of town for the season, be sure to take a few extra measures to make your trip as safe as possible.

7 Holiday car travel tips before you go

Before you get behind the steering wheel, make sure your home and car are both ready for the drive. Here are seven tips to follow before your trip begins.

Get your home ready

You don’t want to ruin your trip because of problems at home. Start by keeping your heat to at least 55 degrees so your pipes don't freeze. Make sure your fire alarms work and let a trusted neighbor know that you’ll be gone.

Place an emergency kit in your car

Holiday driving safety means being prepared for an emergency. Make sure you have a spare tire and jumper cables in your car. Also throw in a blanket and some gloves in case you’re stranded in the cold.

Schedule a car servicing in advance

Take your car to your mechanic a week or two before your trip to make sure your vehicle is working properly. They’ll check your tire alignment, oil, brake lines, and more to make sure everything is in working order before you go. Don’t wait until the last minute in case something needs to be fixed before you go.

face mask gifts

Pack face masks and hand sanitizer

Remember to keep face masks and hand sanitizer on hand for pit stops on the road. That way you’ll be prepared for any gas station or fast food stop and avoid picking up germs along the way.

Check weather conditions ahead of time

The biggest holiday safety driving tip you can follow is to track the weather before you head out. If you expect winter weather, give yourself flexibility so that you’re not driving through unsafe conditions.

Buy travel insurance

Travel insurance covers the cost of your trip in case you end up having to cancel. Whether you get sick or a winter storm strikes, you won’t lose all the money you spent on reservations if you have a comprehensive insurance policy in place well in advance. 

On the road: 4 holiday driving tips

Once you’re driving, these holiday travel safety tips will help you arrive in one piece. You’ll be prepared no matter what curveballs may be thrown your way during the winter travel season.

Fill your tank well before it hits empty.

One of the most inconvenient things on a road trip is to see that gas gauge hit “empty” without a gas station in sight. And if you’re traveling in an area where you’ve never been before, you especially don’t want to risk running out of gas without knowing where you are. Once your tank is only ¼ full, keep an eye out for the next fuel pump so you can fill up before any problems arise.

Keep your phone charged.

Having a fully charged phone means you can call for help no matter where you are on the road. Maybe you get a flat tire or simply get lost. Avoid having to hail someone down by keeping a car charger with you and maintaining a charge on your phone. 

Print out a hard copy of directions.

Using your phone’s GPS to navigate is ideal, especially since you get real-time traffic updates. But in some areas, you may lose reception. In this case, you may have no idea what your next steps should be in order to reach your destination. Print out a hard copy so you know where to turn next even if your maps app isn’t working properly.

Map out a back-up route.

Not only do you need a print-out of directions as a holiday safe driving tip, but you should also have an alternate route planned. In the event there’s a sudden backup or unexpected road closure, you’ll be prepared to carry forward with a different path for your journey. 

Enjoy holiday travel with Avail Car Sharing

Driving a reliable car is essential for a holiday road trip. Avail car sharing only selects newer cars with a 125k mileage limit. We also perform a maintenance inspection between every trip, making sure you’re ready for a safe trip no matter where you’re headed.