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Car sharing vs car rental
March 31, 2021

Car sharing vs. car rental

Getting where you want to go can be a lot more convenient when you have a car and don’t need to rely on cabs, ride shares or public transportation. Until recently, if you wanted to drive, traditional car rental may have been your only option for getting a car. However, car sharing has emerged as a convenient, affordable alternative to traditional rental options. Using Avail to borrow a car can get you a great ride while also saving you time, money and hassle.

What’s the difference between car sharing and car rental?

At a traditional car rental agency, you’ll be renting a car from their fleet of vehicles that moves around the country. Car sharing — also known as peer-to-peer car sharing — allows you to borrow a car from a local in the community when you need one, or share your car with others and make money. Avail makes car sharing simple by taking care of everything from key exchange and cleaning to inspections and offering insurance coverage from Allstate for a streamlined, stress-free experience.

Is car sharing better than renting a car?

Car sharing does have several advantages over traditional renting:

  • Renting a car often requires booking days or weeks in advance, but with Avail you can easily book a car ahead or for pick-up in as little as 4 hours, allowing extra flexibility for your plans.
  • Car rental companies usually place restrictions and fees on who can rent a car and how many drivers you can have. At Avail, all drivers (age 21+) pay the same rate and you can add a second driver to your reservation for free.
  • When you rent a car, you often need to wait in long lines at a car rental counter with other drivers. Avail’s self-service pick-up and drop-off means there are no lines and no waiting – just book a car, grab the keys and go.
  • Car rental agencies in cities are normally only open during traditional business hours or less, which can be restrictive as you make your plans. Avail lets you pick-up or drop-off your car anytime between 5 am and 12 am, for car sharing that works on your schedule.

Is car sharing more affordable than car rental?

Working with a car sharing company like Avail can definitely save you money. Here's why:

  • Avail offers fair, all-inclusive daily rates at booking, so you can easily plan your travel budget.
  • Every trip is protected by Allstate insurance and includes 24/7 roadside assistance.
  • Under 25 years old or traveling with a friend? You don’t have to worry about “young driver” or second driver fees when booking with Avail.

Can you tell me more about Avail?

Avail makes it easy to borrow a car when you need one, or share your car with others and earn money. With convenient, self-service neighborhood locations throughout Chicago and Denver, we make car sharing accessible for all your plans, big and small. Use our self-service key boxes for pick-up and drop-off — we’ll handle the rest of the details, from cleaning to payments, for a seamless sharing experience.