Car Sharing as a Side Hustle

Car Sharing as a Side Hustle

Everyone’s always looking for a little extra money in their wallet. Whether you call it a side hustle, passive income, easy money, or a ‘business’, it all comes down to one thing: maximum earnings for minimum effort. The current heyday of the ‘gig economy’ has opened tons of new side hustles which weren’t possible before, like car sharing.

Car sharing is an intriguing and easy side hustle to get into, provided you have a car to share. Some companies like Avail can put over $300 a month in your bank account with little to no effort on your part.  

Let’s dive into how sharing your car works and how it can help you earn up to $4,000+ a year.

What is Car Sharing?

Car sharing is an exciting new industry that relies on real people sharing their personal cars, as opposed to having a fleet of vehicles owned by a rental company. Car sharing takes advantage of the time owners aren’t driving, about 22 hours a day!  

Car sharing companies operate all over, from city streets to airport lots. Avail has locations at many major US airports and in large metropolitan areas like Chicago and Denver. 

What Car Sharing Company is Best for Side Hustles?

It depends. There are pros, cons, and tradeoffs depending on how much time you want to put in, and how much you want to earn. Some companies like Turo require in-person key handoffs and pickup, which can amount to a lot of hours over time. Others like Getaround and Zipcar require little interaction but reduce earnings with insurance fees, confusing pay structures, and platform fees.

When you share with Avail, there are many upsides:

  • Insurance from Allstate at no cost to you as the owner
  • Earnings deposited after every trip
  • We handle logistics, customer service & roadside support
  • Free parking & a car wash (airport lots only) 

We should add, Avail is in limited locations right now, but we’re growing fast! Stay tuned as we pop up at major airports and residential communities across the U.S.  

Ultimately, ask yourself how much work you can put in and do your research, then make the decision that’s best for you!

How Car Sharing Insurance Works with Avail

We get it. Even the most trusting person still has reservations about letting someone else use their car. That’s why we protect your vehicle with insurance coverage from Allstate the entire time it’s being shared on Avail. Full coverage is up to $1 million in liability insurance, in addition to roadside assistance and customer support.

Check out the nitty-gritty insurance details.  

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How Much Money Can You Make?

Finally, let’s talk earnings. All car sharing companies are different and have varying pay structures and algorithms that determine how much you earn each trip. With Avail, you can earn about $20/day with a van, standard sedan, or mid-sized car. Large SUVs can generally net you up to $25/day because of high demand.  

Have an extra car? Traveling overseas? Long-term sharing is your ticket to earning big. You can make a guaranteed $300 for every month you share your car plus earn bonuses. That’s a side hustle worth over $4,000 a year! Learn more about Avail Plus.

Your Car is Money

There are a lot of options when it comes to car sharing as a side hustle. Ultimately, you should do your research and make the decision that’s best for you. No matter what you decide, sharing your car is relatively low effort, requiring only a few hours of work even during a busy month. Avail can help you turn your vehicle into a source of passive income and support you through any bumps in the road. Car owners love sharing on Avail because of our great service, frequent payment, and amazing perks!