What To Do With An Extra Car

How To Use An Extra Car For Car Sharing

Having an extra car is nice, but it can be an expensive proposition. Owning a car involves maintenance fees, parking costs, insurance, gas, and annual car taxes. 

One way to make car ownership more economical is to list your vehicle with a car sharing service. Avail Car Sharing helps you make money by renting out your car. While you're sharing your car with Avail, they'll take care of cleaning and routine maintenance, on top of providing 24/7 customer service.

A few reasons to consider sharing your extra car: 

  • Your extra car takes up garage space
  • You're a frequent traveler, often leaving your car in airport parking
  • You work from home and drive infrequently
  • You don't want upkeep or maintenance fees when you rarely drive

How Does Car Sharing Work?

There are two main types of car sharing, peer-to-peer and fleet-based car sharing. You can think of car sharing as the “AirBnB” of cars. Unlike traditional rental car companies, car sharing services allow you to offer up your personal or extra vehicle for rent, while a company like Avail facilitates the rental exchange. 

Types of Car Sharing

Car sharing includes both short- and long-term arrangements to give you flexibility for your situation. 

Short-Term Sharing

If you’re traveling on vacation, working from home, or making a long weekend trip, consider short-term car sharing. You can earn passive income by sharing your car on a shorter-term basis that ranges from a few hours to several days.

Long-Term Sharing

Maybe you’re recently retired and don’t often need that second car. Maybe you’re a city dweller who relies mainly on mass transit. If you’re able to make a longer commitment, consider Avail Plus, which has a guaranteed monthly income of $300.

woman cleaning car

What Are the Benefits of Car Sharing?  

As a car lender, you earn income to offset costs of ownership, dwindling resale value, and routine maintenance. There are, however, many advantages beyond the ability to earn extra money:  

Maintenance and upkeep: Many car sharing companies offer basic maintenance and cleaning. With Avail, you'll get a free car wash, even if your car isn't rented! If you're sharing for longer, other services are provided like professional deep cleaning, interior detailing, oil changes, and tire rotation.

Protection: When you enter into an agreement with a car sharing service, you’ll find they usually provide some level of insurance coverage during the car share period. Avail offers coverage from Allstate Insurance. That means if your car is in an accident when you are sharing with Avail, there are no deductibles you have to pay.

Free airport parking: If you’re a frequent flier, you know how quickly airport parking fees add up. Car sharing is a great way to defray those costs. When you rent your car out through Avail, airport parking is free, even if your car isn’t rented! Plus, your vehicle remains safe in a guarded car-sharing lot while you enjoy free airport shuttle service. 

Peace of mind: Enjoy Avail’s 24/7 live support and its monitoring service to keep tabs on your vehicle’s location and health throughout the rental period. 

Pickup and drop-off services: While you can deliver your vehicle to your nearest airport for short-term sharing, Avail will come to your home for car pickup and drop-off when you enter into a long-term sharing agreement through Avail Plus.

How to Know if Car Sharing is the Right Option for You? 

Car sharing is one way to ensure your vehicle serves a useful purpose rather than sitting idle in your driveway or incurring upkeep fees. Explore the possibilities of short- and long-term car sharing and learn more about listing your car with Avail today.