How To Find a 4WD Rental Car

How To Find a 4WD Rental Car 

4WD rentals are some of our most popular requests on the lot. They’re versatile, rugged, and ready for adventure. Most people need 4WD vehicles because they’re going some place where unpredictable or unpaved roads may be a factor. That includes the mountains, desert, beach, or any other naturally beautiful landscape. 4WD cars come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from beefed up sedan-types like Subarus, to rugged SUVs like the Toyota 4Runner or Jeep Wrangler.

Benefits of a 4WD Rental Car

When the going gets tough, it pays to have four wheel drive. Just ask anyone who’s driven in the rain, mud, or snow. Most cars, whether you realize it or not, are either front or rear wheel drive, so only two wheels are powering the car’s momentum. 4WD vehicles, however, have the power of all four wheels in motion, giving you extra traction, power, and control on rough terrain. Having a 4WD car can also give you more peace of mind while driving, even if you don’t end up using it much. Though 4WD cars use more gas, it’s often worth it knowing you’re prepared in case of the unexpected. 

winter driving under bridge

Step 1: Know Before You Go

Because 4WD rental cars are in high demand, they’re generally more expensive by the day. That doesn’t include gas, either. Knowing for sure whether you need 4WD before you get to the lot can end up saving you a lot of time and money. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Will I be traveling mainly on the interstate, highway, or rural roads? (Do a quick route-search with Google Maps)
  • What’s the weather like where I’m headed? What’s the topography and elevation like?
  • Will I need snow tires or chains?
  • Will I be traveling outside a lot? Will I be doing rugged, intense sports or activities like skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking, or hiking?

Step 2: Shop Around & Book Ahead Online

4WD rentals aren’t a given, only certain locations or car rental lots may have them available. Make sure to poke around online and check availability. Get creative–you may have to look beyond traditional car rental to find a 4WD vehicle. Prices will likely vary depending on location, season, and demand. Watch out for hidden fees and check age requirements before booking. Many rental companies charge extra if you’re under 25 or tack on fees right before checkout. Plus, your 4WD may not even come with insurance or roadside assistance, a must if you’re going to be traveling through unfamiliar terrain. 

Step 3: Hop In & Drive

This is the most fun step. It’s trip time! Make sure to bring valid IDs like a driver’s license, credit/debit card, and proof of insurance if needed. Take pictures of the car’s condition before and after. This is essential for 4WD rentals as there could be damage from someone else’s rugged adventure. Once you clear up any dings (or the lack of), don’t forget to hit the road and have fun. 

Secure a 4WD Rental Today

Looking for a leg up in the 4WD rental game? Avail Car Sharing has great low rates on 4WD rentals with coverage from Allstate and roadside assistance included. Plus, there are no under-25 fees or second driver fees. Cars are guaranteed, so you know you’ll have a vehicle when you show up on the lot. Explore our selection of 4WD rentals and find the perfect fit for your trip.