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How to budget & plan for a vacation
March 31, 2021

How to budget & plan for a vacation

Looking forward to the big trip you’ve been planning? These steps will help make sure your dream vacation isn’t derailed by a financial mishap.

Tip 1: Get your cards ready

Inform your bank of your travel plans to ensure that your credit and debit cards will work wherever you’re heading.  

Tip 2: Use travel budgeting tools and do your research

There are tons of resources to help you financially prepare and budget for your vacation. With Travel apps like Trail Wallet or TripMate, or travel budgeting templates from Google, you’ll be prepared for what you’re about to spend. Make sure you do your research to know all your options on things like how to get the best deal on rental cars, best hotel options, and things to do in your destination.

Tip 3: Make a “Trip Transfer”

Move money into your checking account before you depart. Unless your bank has a branch at your vacation destination or you have access to your bank's app, you may not be able to transfer money between accounts while on the road.  

Tip 4: Minimize the damage

Remember what you bring. If you are robbed while traveling, take inventory of what was stolen, contact the police and your credit card issuing banks promptly.  

Tip 5: Clean out your wallet

Leave store brand cards, loyalty cards, and any unnecessary documents at home – a thinner wallet is easier to stash away safely.  

Tip 6: Invest in a safety bag

Thwart would-be thieves by carrying a bad with safety features like a slash proof strap or a locking zipper.

Tip 7: Safely stash walking cash

And not all in one spot.! Divide and stash cash, credit cards, and/or any important documents between a few locations.  

Tip 8: Know your coverage

Unsure about rental car insurance? It is important that you know what your current coverage offers and/or if you need additional rental car insurance for your trip. Learn more about rental car insurance so you can be prepared for your next trip.

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