Best Places for a Romantic Getaway in the US

Best Places for a Romantic Getaway in the US

We're all busy and while you may see your partner a lot, sometimes it can be tough to find quality one-on-one time together and get away from the daily grind. 

But a getaway doesn’t have to leave you totally strapped for cash. An affordable weekend trip is feasible and enough to help you both get some quality time. Luckily, there are tons of destinations to choose from, no matter where you live. Whether you and your partner are adventurous hikers or are looking for some serious beach lounging, the options abound in the great US of A. 

Sharing some fresh air, fresh views, and a fresh perspective with your partner can make just about any trip special. Check out our take on some of the best places for a romantic getaway in the US and get traveling again. 

Romantic Getaways in California

It’s not too hard to find the perfect spot for a romantic getaway in California. The state is full of gorgeous beaches, natural parks, and fun cities to explore

California Wine Country 

A classic spot for serious romance is California wine country. Napa is the heart of American wine, but it’s true that it can be pricey and even a little touristy. Instead, try out neighboring Sonoma for smaller wineries and more affordable accommodations. The wine and dining experiences will provide all sorts of quiet moments for you and your partner to reconnect. Sonoma is also not as crowded as Napa, and the intimate spaces of those small tasting rooms are especially romantic. 

couple in napa vineyard having a picnic

California National Parks

If you’re looking for an outdoor adventure, rent a car and hit up California’s national parks. Yosemite is totally breathtaking and there are all sorts of great hiking and backpacking trails to explore. You can set up your sleeping pad under the stars for some serious romance, or head farther up north to the Redwood National Forest and snuggle up under some of the biggest trees you’ve ever seen.

Romantic Getaways in Los Angeles

If you’re looking to get out of LA, take a trip about 100 miles outside the city to Santa Barbara. Explore the cute, white-stucco town with your partner and spend your days on the gorgeous beaches with mountain views. And with great restaurants and shops, there’s something for everyone to do. 

From Santa Barbara, you can even head up north and drive along the California coast. Big Sur, for example, is a truly breathtaking area of the country that’s bound to help you and your partner relax. Or, retreat to the Sonoran desert and explore Palm Springs. 

Romantic Getaways in Texas

Texas may surprise you with its romantic gems. If you’re looking for romantic getaways in Austin, Texas, head to the Hill Country. You can hike Enchanted Rock in the winter and float down the Guadalupe River in the summer. Or take your partner for a dip in the Hamilton Pool, a natural swimming area underneath a canyon and 50-foot waterfall. 

hamilton pool in texas

You can also check out some of the state’s small towns. Take your partner dancing at Gruene Hall, Texas’s oldest dance hall located in the small but adorable town of New Braunfels, Texas. You can even get some great beer and German food in the old Germantown of Fredericksburg. 

Romantic Getaways in Arizona

If you’re looking for romantic getaways in Phoenix, there are tons of spots just a short drive outside the city. 

To really escape the hustle and bustle and reconnect with nature and your partner, check out Monument Valley. This iconic national landmark is a breathtaking respite, and you’ll find trails and campgrounds that let you explore and truly experience the landscape. 

And if you’re really feeling up for an adventure, take the drive to The Grand Canyon, where you can hike, backpack, and even do some whitewater rafting if you plan in advance. It’s one of the most important natural monuments in the country. If you haven’t been, create new memories with your partner as you peer over the jaw-dropping cliffs.    

sedona sunset in front of cactus

If total relaxation is more your jam, take a drive to Sedona. This desert area is ideal for a wellness retreat for two, or indulge in a rejuvenating spa experience with your partner. You can also take a hot air balloon ride through the desert. What’s more romantic than that? 

Romantic Getaways in Colorado

No matter the season, the state of Colorado is full of romantic getaway spots. In the late spring and summertime, take your partner hiking through the wildflowers in Crested Butte, or go for a dip in the state's many hot springs(check out some of them in the winter too!). In fall, head to Aspen and take a leisurely drive to see the bright orange and yellow aspen trees that practically explode along the highway. For a snowy winter getaway, head to a more affordable mountain town like Monarch or Arapahoe Basin for some ski days and cozy nights by the fire. 

And if you’re searching for a quick romantic getaway in Denver, even a short trip to Boulder can feel like a world away. Biking and hiking trails abound, the Flatiron Mountain views are spectacular, and the restaurant scene does not disappoint.

maroon bells in aspen colorado

Get Away with Avail 

If you don’t have a car for your romantic getaway, or your vehicle isn’t prepared for the particular terrain you’ll encounter, you’ll need to rent one. Unfortunately, renting is pretty stressful and can easily put you over your budget if you’re not careful. Instead, try borrowing a car with Avail. You’ll save money and won’t have to deal with all the complicated paperwork and hidden fees that come with big car rental companies. And that means you’ll have more money and energy to spend reconnecting with your partner.