Best Deals on Airport Car Rentals

Score the Best Deal on Rental Cars at the Airport

You’re probably wondering, “Is it cheaper to rent a car from the airport?” Searching for the most cost-effective way to get around can be a pain. Uber and Lyft can add up so fast, but so can renting a car from Enterprise, Hertz, or Avis.  

Well, there’s one new major way to save: car sharing. Through car sharing companies like Avail, you get quality cars without the red tape of car rental. Plus, car sharing companies often provide insurance during your trip and have fewer to no surprise fees added on at checkout.  

Traditional Rental Car Cost Breakdown

The average price to rent a car depends on the time of year, length of trip, and type of car.

Let’s say you and three friends are headed to Denver for a three-day camping trip. You want a standard SUV to comfortably fit your squad and haul your gear. Here’s a rental car cost breakdown for the three big rental car companies compared to Avail car sharing:

Low daily rates advertised by traditional car rentals can seem like the cheapest way to rent a car at the airport, but once you add on taxes and fees, and optional additions like second driver fees and insurance, the price can skyrocket.  

Insurance Included

Never ask “Do I need insurance to rent a car?” again. Car sharing insurance from Allstate is included in every car’s daily rate, so you’re protected in case of the unexpected.  For borrowers, this coverage is excess over any other insurance that may exist.*

For borrowers, if Avail’s insurance pays to repair the damage and you are found to be at fault for damage to the vehicle, you may be responsible for a $500 deductible. If another insurance policy (e.g. your personal auto or credit card policies) pays to repair the damage, then they may have different deductibles that apply. For questions about whether your personal auto policy or credit card policy may apply, please contact your insurance provider or a licensed insurance agent.

For owners, there is no deductible while your car is shared with us.

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No Hidden Fees with Avail

Borrowing a car from Avail means no gotchas or surprise fees. We have no under-25 fee and no second driver fee, which you’ll sometimes find at rental car companies. All those savings can really add up!

The Bottom Line

Car sharing is usually cheaper than renting a car at the airport. Plus, Avail saves time, energy, and gives you insurance every trip. When all is said and done, that can save you over $100 off traditional car rental at the airport. Those savings can pay for a lot of food and drinks on your trip.

One Last Tip...

Own a car? You can make money while you travel if you share it with Avail at your local airport. You drop off the keys, and we handle the cleaning, logistics, payment, etc. Learn more about sharing your car and earning money.

*Through June 19, 2022, Avail will provide primary liability coverage for borrowers. Effective June 20, 2022, Avail’s insurance coverage for borrowers will be excess over any other insurance that may exist.