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September 16, 2020

Road Trips Around Salt Lake City

SLC is a scenic city that serves as a central hub in an incredibly diverse geographic area filled with mountains, deserts, other-wordly salt flats, and green pine forests. The distances are greater, but the sense of adventure if off the charts. Just make sure you fill up on gas when you can.

Idaho Falls, Idaho

3 hour drive from Salt Lake City

A beautiful small town about 3 hours from SLC settled on the Snake River. Spend a day strolling through the Idaho Falls Zoo, gazing at dinosaur fossils at the Museum of Idaho, or taking in the gorgeous Idaho Falls Riverwalk.  

St. George

4 hour drive from Salt Lake City

A mid-size city on the northern edge of the Mojave Desert with an incredible mountain backdrop located an hour west of Zion National Park.  

Yellowstone National Park

4 hour, 30 minute drive from Salt Lake City

Despite its signature sulfuric stink, this geothermal wonder is one of America’s most famous and most visited national parks. Brilliant geysers and cerulean mineral hot springs are just some of the hundreds of natural features that make Yellowstone a must-see in every American’s lifetime. Heads up–Yellowstone is about a 4.5-hour drive from SLC, so make sure your car is up for the mileage. The pilgrimage is well-worth it to be among one of the most unique and beautiful places on the planet.

yellowstone national park

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