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Things to Do Salt Lake City
March 31, 2021

Things to Do in Salt Lake City

Lying against a backdrop of the Wasatch Mountain range and the Great Salt Lake, Salt Lake City is easily one of the most picturesque and logically named places in America. The city has long served not only as the capital of Utah, but as a home for The University of Utah, Brigham Young University, and a gateway to fabulous ski destinations such as Park City, Brighton Ski Resort, Powder Mountain, and Alta Ski Resort.

“SLC” also serves as a launching pad to otherworldly landscapes and world-class parks for hikers, skiers, and adventurers from all over. Here are some of Avail’s top things to do in Salt Lake City. Checkout Avail's full list by downloading our SLC Thing to Do PDF below.

Antelope Island State Park

At 42 square miles, Antelope Island is the largest island in the Great Salt Lake. Named after the abundance of Pronghorn Antelope, the island is famous for its plethora of other wildlife. Bighorn sheep, porcupine, badger, mule deer, and bobcats all call Antelope Island home. Most notable are its massive herd of wild bison which have served as a valuable genetic pool for conservation of the species. Antelope Island is open for hiking, biking, camping, horseback riding, and kayaking.

antelope island state park


Ruth’s Diner

This historic Utah icon is actually the second oldest restaurant in the state. Nestled in the beautiful Emigration Canyon, Ruth’s serves up delicious American fare as well as stunning views of the surrounding mountains. Ruth’s is set inside of an old train with both indoor and outdoor seating available.

ruth's diner graphic

Clark Planetarium

Looking for a nice, indoor, family-friendly activity? Clark Planetarium is your spot. This three-story, totally free museum is a great place for kids and adults alike to learn about the wonders of our planet, solar system, galaxy, and universe. Growing kids will love the hands-on activities and engaging exhibits. Everyone will walk away with a new appreciation of space science and the awe our universe has to offer.

clark planeatrium graphic

Utah Museum of Contemporary Art

Check out this expansive museum with collections of everything from African tribal tapestries, to ancient Roman and Greek artifacts, to European paintings and modern American art. The UMFA also touts a magnificent display of Land Art, which they define as art made directly in the landscape by sculpting the land itself or by making structures in the landscape with natural materials.” Situated against the backdrop of the North American Great Basin, UMFA is a work of art in and outside its walls.

utah museum of contemporary art graphic