Road Trips from Philadelphia

Road Trips from Philadelphia

Sandwiched in between New York City, Baltimore, and Washington D.C., Philadelphia has long served as a historic meeting point in American history. Philly’s super-urban reputation is slightly misleading, as just an hour two northwest lies plenty of mountains, forest, and outdoor activity that can provide the perfect retreat from the stresses of the city.

Asbury Park

1 hour, 30 minute drive from Philadelphia

If it’s a beach town you’re craving, then look no further than Asbury Park. Known for both Bruce Springsteen and impressive architecture, this seaside town offers plenty to do, see, and eat. Here you’ll find unique music venues, waterfront restaurants, and rooftop views.  

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Baltimore, MD

1 hour, 30 minute drive from Philadelphia

If you’re in Philadelphia still craving more history, drive on over to Baltimore for slightly different flavor American pie. Oggle at fish at the National Aquarium, visit landmarks from Edgar Allen Poe’s macabre life, or chow down on some signature Maryland blue crab.  

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Pocono Mountains

2 hour, 30 minute drive from Philadelphia

The Poconos have long been a refuge for folks in the northeast for good reason. There’s no shortage of both outdoorsy and indoorsy activities for year-round travelers. The Poconos are about two hours from Philadelphia. Whether you’re looking for unfiltered outdoor adventure or a more pampered resort-based trip, the Poconos have you covered.

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