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Road Trips from Dallas
March 31, 2021

Road Trips from Dallas

While Dallas itself might be hot, flat, and dry, its location in north Texas puts it a lot closer to Oklahoma and Arkansas than most realize. Anywhere is a bit of a drive from Dallas, as Texas is far more spread out than most other states. Still, there are plenty of great destinations when you need to beat the heat and get out of the city.

Turner Falls State Park

2 hour drive from Dallas

Two hours outside of Dallas (and outside of Texas) is Turner Falls State Park. Waterfall lovers from all over flock to Turner Falls to soak in Oklahoma’s largest waterfall, as well as the cerulean swimming holes that adorn the landscape. The falls are cool, lively, and refreshing, but still safe to stand under for your iconic waterfall shot. Just please, spare us the TLC lyrics as a caption.

turner falls state park graphic


2 hour, 15 minute drive from Dallas

Surprisingly, Waco is the birthplace of Dr. Pepper. Unsurprisingly, they have the only Dr. Pepper museum, which documents this history of the famous 23-flavor soda. Visitors may also enjoy antiqueing and picking from the many shops and markets Waco has to offer. If antiques aren’t quite old enough for you, visit the Waco Mammoth National Monument, a paleontological dig site where the bodies of 23 Colombian Mammoths and other creatures from the Pleistocene were unearthed.  

waco tx graphic

Lake Arrowhead State Park

2 hour, 15 minute drive from Dallas

Any activity you can do outside, you can pretty much do at Lake Arrowhead. Get away for the day and relax by doing some fishing, boating, camping, or swimming. 2 hours northwest of Dallas. Best for a weekend trip and families who want a lot of activity without going too far off the grid.  

lake arrowhead state park