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Taco Tuesday: Phoenix
May 17, 2021

Best tacos in Phoenix

So you’re traveling to taco country, huh? Phoenix is overloaded with great taco joints, stands, trucks, and gourmet taco restaurants who will all be saying they have the best. Luckily, we’ve done the hard work for you (eating lots of tacos is hard work). Here are our top picks for the best tacos in Phoenix. 


A staple of the Phoenix Mexican food scene, Carolina’s has been serving up tacos for more than 60 years. Carolina’s keeps it simple, but the taco you have to get is the machacha shredded beef taco. Dried beef is dehydrated, spiced up with a signature blend, then rehydrated and served on a handmade tortilla. Carolina’s has a solid selection of breakfast burritos, chimichangas, and other South of the border favorites, too.


You had us at “Wagyu Beef Taco”. Chef Richard Hinojosa’s creative and modern takes on tacos are one of a kind (and surprisingly affordable). From Garlic Roasted Mushrooms topped with creamy cheese and jalapeno aioli, to a delicious and tangy korean chicken tacos glazed with gochujang, Crujiente will elevate your average Taco Tuesday to a national holiday. 

Backyard Taco

There’s a reason why Backyard Taco has consistently ranked in the top taco spots in Phoenix since 2015: mesquite grilling. Backyard Taco infuses the sweet and smoky flavors of the flame into their juicy carne asada and oh-so-tender pollo asada. The laidback vibes and fast-casual service make Backyard Taco a great spot to grab lunch and kick back for a taco-induced siesta.

Willie’s Taco Joint

Instead of Cracker Jacks, grab Willie’s Tacos before you head to the old ballgame. Located right next to Chase Field (home of the Diamondbacks), Willie’s has an incredible amount of tacos in their bullpen. From the award-winning “Green Butcher” to the Pimp My Shrimp” and “Sloppy Jose”, Willie’s turns any old taco into a grand slam.

Asadero Toro

This one’s for the meat lovers and taco purists. Asadero Toro’s main focus is unique ingredients like cow tongue, head, and tripe seasoned with a secret mix of herbs and spices. Once you’ve sampled the classics of beef, chicken, and pork elsewhere, come to Asadero Toro to expand your taco horizons. Your Taco Tuesday adventure awaits!

Honorable mention: Frybread House

Phoenix is always debating whether Frybread is technically a taco, and we’ll remain neutral because it truly does not matter. However many tacos you put in your stomach, save room for Frybread.