Taco Tuesday: Los Angeles

Taco Tuesday doesn’t exist in LA. That’s because there are amazing tacos all day every day. You truly could spend an entire lifetime trying to sample every taco place in the Los Angeles area, and you’d die only scratching the surface. Luckily, we’ve done the hard work for you (hey, eating tacos is hard work). Here are our top picks for the best tacos in Los Angeles:\

Teddy’s Red Tacos Venice graphic

Teddy’s Red Tacos Venice

These tacos just feel like LA. Located right on the Venice Boardwalk, Teddy’s Red Tacos has taken the LA by storm since it launched in 2016. Teddy serves up fresh Birria tacos every day with his signature red sauce, cilantro, and onion. Taco enthusiasts rave about the broth, which one reviewer claimed is “good enough to bathe in”. 

Taqueria El Tapatio graphic

Taqueria El Tapatio

Cruise by the east LA taco hut located in Glendale just across the river from Griffith Park. It’s easy to miss this unassuming stand and roadside patio area, which guarantees the tacos are going to be fire. El Tapatio is as authentic as it gets: al pastor, carne asada, lengua, quesadillas, burritos, they play all the hits. Tacos are only $1.50, so you can try most of their entire menu for under $20. El Tapatio is truly a hidden gem you won’t find on any other LA taco lists. 

Homestate taco graphic


Yes, we’re recommending Texas style tacos in LA. The best time to do Homestate is first thing in the morning. Their breakfast tacos are simple and straightforward, but really hit the spot. From shredded brisket & eggs topped with homemade salsa to veggie-friendly options like egg whites, shitake, & monterey jack cheese, Homestate is the ideal way to wake up. 

Holbox tacos graphic


All the taco stands will have their own takes on the classics: al pastor, pollo, carne asada, the whole gang. But almost none will have the fresh seafood selection of Holbox. Heavily influenced by Ensenada & Baja style seafood tacos, Holbox serves up delicious fried rockfish fish tacos, wild shrimp tacos, and even delicious pulpo (octopus). Yes, it’s slightly pricer than your average stand, but this Michelin Bib Gormand restaurant is worth the hype.

Birrieria Nochistlan taco graphic

Birrieria Nochistlan

You gotta round out your LA Taco Tour with some authentic Birria (aka Birrieria) from Birrieria Nochistlan in Boyle Heights. Birria is savory braised goat meat slow cooked in its own fat and juices. Topped with chopped onions, cilantro, and a hot chile salsa, it’s a kind of meaty-soup that’s mostly meat, usually served with a side of tortillas. Trust us–it’s incredible.

Honorable mention:

Any no-name taco tent that’s set up on the side of the road. There are a lot of pop-up taco tents where you can get $1-$2 tacos that will change the course of your life. While there are admittedly a few busts, you really can’t go wrong with these ethereal taco stands. Keep your eyes peeled and your windows down so you can catch the whiffs of the spinning meat and grill smoke.

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