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Taco Tuesday: Dallas
August 3, 2021

Best Tacos in Dallas

When someone hears ‘Texas tacos’, they’re usually thinking of a line of trucks in Austin or Houston, or maybe a roadside shack in a sleepy border town. Whoever that someone is, they’re seriously missing out by not including Dallas. Dallas has more than a handful of great taco spots, ranging from gourmet takes with fresh local ingredients, to hidden gems located in the back of a gas station. Some of the best Dallas taco joints have the most diverse menus, too, with 10+ original choices that rotate each season. Don’t sleep on Dallas, and check out these amazing local taco restaurants on any day of the week.

Resident Taqueria

Resident Taqueria Chef Andrew Marc Savoie has had stints all over the US. From Maine, to NYC, to New Orleans, and Napa, before finally landing in Dallas. Resident’s fresh and unique tacos incorporate local ingredients, flavors, and fresh produce, as well as made to order tortillas. From house made chorizo tacos topped with smoked tomato crema, to caramelized cauliflower with kale, pepitas, and lemo epazote aioli, Resident is a truly fresh and original Dallas joint.

Fuel City

On the opposite end of the taco spectrum is Fuel City, a street-taco spot located way in the back of a gas station and convenience store on the southwest side of downtown. This cash-only spot operates 24/7, making for a killer late-night taco run. Their tacos are simple and straightforward, and for less than $2 a pop, you’re really getting the most bang for your buck. Fuel City also has a selection of breakfast tacos served all day long, because no one should be shamed for waking up at 1p.m. 


This brand new taco shop is a reincarnation of Dallas’ favorite taco shop “Tacos Mariachi”. Unfortunately, the original Taco Mariachi closed during the coronavirus pandemic, but Chef Jesus Carmona is planning on reopening his new restaurant with all the same hits as before, including his famous ‘pulpo’ (octopus) taco. Milagro’s menu will also stretch beyond tacos, including a south of the border-inspired burger, as well as ceviche and veggie bowls.


Tacodeli serves up handcrafted tacos all across the state of Texas. With locations in Austin, Dallas, Plano, and Houston, this fast-casual spot is a great option for lunch on the go. Even the most particular eaters will find something they love on Tacodeli’s expansive menu, from up to five tasty veggie taco options to dry-rubbed takes on Texmex beef. Tacodeli is open for breakfast with over 10 different tacos to keep you coming back week after week.

Del Sur Tacos

This south Dallas spot within walking distance of the zoo is a local favorite, with lucha libre decor, scrumptious tacos and tortas, and an expansive selection of tequila, as well as a full bar. Their most popular items are the birria tacos, agua frescas, and horchata. These melty, crispy, savory tacos are about twice the size of most other spots, so adjust your order accordingly.