Taco Tuesday: Baltimore

Don’t sleep on Baltimore’s taco scene.The city’s numerous academic institutions attract tons of top talent and influence from all over the world, not to mention thousands of hungry college students looking for spots to nosh. Plus, the Chesapeake Bay provides an excellent opportunity for tasty takes on seafood tacos. From cheese-drenched delights to unique corn fungus and pickled squash blossom creations, here are our favorite spots to spend Taco Tuesday in Baltimore. 

Cocina Luchadoras

An authentic and incredibly popular taco spot, Cocina Luchadores has a 4.8 star rating on google, no small feat when you have almost 700 reviews. Tacos are made with a signature blue corn tortilla, making for a beautiful and unique taco experience. Go on Tuesday and then come back on Friday for when Cocina Luchadoras serves their trademark birria tacos. Be prepared to wait as this is by far their most popular item and is only served on Fridays.

R&R Taqueria

A casual and tasty eatery featured on “Diners, Drive-ins, & Dives” that’s been a Baltimore staple since opening. Chef Rod serves up creative takes on American diner cuisine, as well as authentic Mexican favorites. They have a wide variety of tacos, from all the classic hits like chorizo and al pastor to specialty tacos like their signature enchilada tacos, with pulled lamb meat dipped in a smoky pasilla sauce.

Amano Taco

Cheese lovers rejoice–this Baltimore taco joint is known for including some type of warm or melted cheese on every single one of their tacos. Whether you order chicken, shrimp, pork, or veggie, your taco will come drizzled with authentic Mexican queso and topped with sweet roasted corn and spicy jalapeno. Amano Taco is located within the R. House food hall just a bit south of Johns Hopkins University, so bring your appetite!


Located within the Mount Vernon Marketplace, this is one of Baltimore’s newest and hottest Mexican restaurants. Cholitas has a diverse menu of taco options with especially tasty-looking shrimp and fish tacos. Looking to switch it up a bit? Cholitas also has a solid selection of tortas from a creative spin on ham and cheese to the more traditional grilled chicken or ground pork sausage. 


This upscale Mezcaleria serves up colorful tacos made with fresh, clean produce, and top-notch ingredients between soft, hand-made flour tortillas. Every one of their tacos has a modern culinary spin, from their bitter-orange and achiote soaked pork, to the original veggie taco featuring corn fungus, mushroom, and pickled squash blossom. If you’re trying to impress your foodie-friend or yourself, Clavel is the spot for you.

Just because Baltimore isn’t top of mind for tasty tacos doesn’t mean you can’t find them, and all of the above are enough to keep your Tuesdays booked for a while. Make sure you have a set of wheels to make it to all of them, no one likes walking far with a belly full of food. While we don’t have taco trucks to drive around, Avail has a wide selection of city-smart sedans and mid to large size SUVs, all with insurance from Allstate included. Take a look at our selection and book your taco chariot today!