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Instaworthy views: Phoenix
July 7, 2021

Instagrammable places in Phoenix

“The call of the desert” is real in Phoenix. Is it calling you to take Instagram photos? Probably not, but the opportunity to get out, explore, and take pictures of the otherworldly landscape is unmatched in any other city. Phoenix has tons of great locations for all kinds of great ‘grams, whether it’s the watercolor sunsets, one-of-a-kind frybread, or imitating a particularly odd-shaped saguaro. Whatever your perfect photo is, get inspired by these Instaworthy views in Phoenix.

Hole in the Rock at Papago Park

We’ve all seen holes in rocks before, but this one’s different. The rock is very big, and the hole is big, too. So big in fact, you can stand inside the hole and gaze out over the desert landscape of Papago Park. The hike up only takes 5-10 minutes and is easily accessible for most. Once you’re up there, you can see palm trees and cactuses down below with Phoenix in the background. Fun fact: indigenous peoples in the area used the hole as a way to mark equinoxes and track the path of the sun throughout the year.

Rustler’s Roost

Even though it sounds like a hiking spot, Rustler’s Roof is actually a steakhouse. Located on the eastern edge of South Mountain Park & Preserve, Rustler’s Roof is a great spot to grab your favorite choice of red meat and ice cold beverage. It’s a nice spot to watch the sunset, and one that you won’t have to walk down from in the twilight or total darkness. The fare is western-themed and there’s a solid chance of live music on the weekends.

Dobbins Lookout - South Mountain

Pack a picnic basket for Dobbins Lookout. This open area at the top of South looks over the valley below and has a cool little stone structure up at the top for some shade. It’s a popular point, but if you’re willing to take a bit of a walk you can find a spot to yourself. 

Pinnacle Peak

Pinnacle Peak has awesome desert views of the spire-like rock formations that scatter the Phoenix area. It’s a pretty small park with one, four-mile trail that takes you up and down the peak itself. Lots of great ‘grams on the way up, at the top, and on the way down. You can always make it seem like a much longer and more arduous climb to the top in your caption.

Wrigley Mansion

“The House that Gum Built”. Okay, so no one really calls it that, but it was built and originally owned by that Wrigley. Not only can you tour the sprawling estate and gardens, but you can also wine and dine in the restaurant. If your “brand” is more upscale and “treat yourself”, the Wrigley Mansion is your spot. You won’t have to hike here, only stroll or strut.

Phoenix is the perfect place for #nofilter. Its colorful sunsets are instafamous and showcased in countless travel ads your eyes have glazed over. The area itself is more suburban, making it easy to experience the mystique of the desert without having to strand yourself too far out.