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Instaworthy views: Baltimore
August 3, 2021

Instagrammable places in Baltimore

As one of our nation’s first cities, Baltimore’s most Instaworthy aspects lie in its historic architecture, cobblestone streets, and mossy old graveyards. Baltimore definitely has some grit to it, but can be beautiful if you know where to look (or stick around until summer). No matter what season, here are our picks for your best Baltimore photo ops:

Patterson Park Pagoda 

Designed in 1890, this 60-foot high tower certainly sticks out from the rest of Baltimore architecture. It’s just an observatory, but a very cool one at that. The Patterson Park Pagoda is open sporadically throughout the year, but if you can’t climb up, you can always take a pic on the outside. The Pagoda illuminates at night with eastern-inspired string lights and colorful interior lights.

Peabody Institute of Music

This world-class music school operated by Johns Hopkins university is one of the most selective in the country and has spawned legends like Tori Amos and Phillip Glass. It’s pretty outside, but inside is where you want to be. You can hear music emanating from every classroom and practice studio as you wander through the historic halls. Make sure to visit the stunning George Peabody Library, a 19th century focused research library sure to get your followers commenting “OMG where is this?!”

Washington Monument

So, this is technically in Washington DC, but it’s only about 45 minutes away without traffic. And while you’re there, make sure to snap photos at the Lincoln Memorial, White House, and other national landmarks. Actually, you should probably plan to spend a day in Washington DC as is. Just don’t steal the Declaration of Independence!

Round Falls

You don’t exactly think of waterfalls when you think of Baltimore, but Round Falls is a nice little hidden gem right outside the city near Druid Hill Park. It’s a small bushwack to get there, but the sight and sound of the small, curved waterfall will put your mind at ease. Not a scroll-stopper, but Round Falls will make a unique inclusion in your Baltimore photo dump.