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Get active: Miami
July 8, 2021

Best outdoor activities in Miami

The inviting blue waters of the Atlantic and the sunny weather make exercising in Miami a dream. Sure, it can get a bit muggy, but no one minds a little extra sweat. If the climate isn’t enough, Miami’s rich culinary scene is also a great nudge to burn off all the tacos, tortas, and Latinx/Caribbean cuisine. Wake up, grab a shot of cuban espresso, and fine-tune your beach body at these Miami hotspots.

Miami Beach Boardwalk

You work hard for your body, it’s time to show it off! This packed stretch of beach is a spot to come see and be seen on one of the most famous boardwalks in the country. It’s possible to get a decent workout, but you’ll have to go outside of the summer. Regardless, the Miami Beach Boardwalk is always an entertaining and exciting place to get your steps in. If you’re up for it, there are plenty of bikes for rent which allows you to see more of the Miami Beach area and maybe get further from the beach crowds.

Venetian Causeway

The Venetian Causeway is a 2.8 mile stretch of mostly flat bridge that links mainland Miami to Miami Beach. Midway through are man-made islands populated with the luxurious mansions only Miami can provide. The Venetian Causeway normally costs $3 to drive across, but is totally free to bikers and runners. There’s a small, narrow sidewalk for runners (will have to stop for someone coming the other way), and a bike lane all the way across. The causeway is an excellent exercise spot, but best outside of the summer when the sun isn’t as strong (it’s totally exposed). 

Oleta River Trail

Looking to escape the intensity of Miami? Take a jog on the Oleta River Trail just a bit north of Miami Beach. Nestled in the state park of the same name, this 3-mile loop is a great way to go for a serene jog without having to actually leave Miami. Spanish moss hangs over the muggy Florida wetlands for a unique and surreal exercise landscape. Fair warning–it’s very buggy and very humid!

Shark Valley Bike Trail (Everglades National Park)

Don’t let the name scare you, there are no sharks here (out of the water, at least). This 15.4 mile biking trail is one of the rare chances you’ll get to venture deep into the Everglades wetlands without a boat. Teeming with incredible flora and fauna, you’ll likely see colorful birds like egrets, herons, ibis, and the not-so-colorful vulture (they’re still pretty in their own way). Seven miles in, there's an observation tower. Climbing up and looking out over the vast stretch of swamp is totally worth it.

Coral Gables neighborhood

This beautiful neighborhood just south of Miami is home to some of the city’s wealthiest residents outside of the downtown area. Go for a jog, stroll, or bike ride along the inlets and gaze at the mesmerizing Miami mansions and lush green gardens. Keep your eyes peeled, this spot is home to countless celebrities, athletes, and moguls who call Miami home either full-time or part of the year (winter is primetime).