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Cinco de Mayo Taco Roundup
May 5, 2022

Cinco de Mayo Taco Roundup

This Cinco de Mayo isn’t the time to debate whether a taco is a sandwich. No, it’s a day to celebrate the unlimited variety of delicious flavor combinations that can be held inside a corn or flour tortilla. The best way to do that, of course, is to plan your day around your taco breakfast, taco lunch, and taco dinner. If you’re unsure what the day’s menu will be or are in need of local inspiration, we’ve hand-selected some of the most drooled-over tacos from around the country.

Asador, Austin TX (@asadoratx) 

This low-key taco joint is hidden in the back of a bar, Seven Grand. Many first-time customers just stumble up on it due to the covert location, but always come back for more. Favorites include quesadillas, juicy brisket tacos, and barbacoa, all in a slightly crispy homemade tortilla. If it wasn’t so hard to find, it’d be slammed nonstop.

R & R Taqueria, Baltimore MD (@rrtaqueria)

A casual and tasty eatery featured on “Diners, Drive-ins, & Dives,” R&R Taqueria has been a Baltimore staple since opening. Chef Rod serves up creative takes on American diner cuisine, as well as authentic Mexican favorites. They have a wide variety of tacos, from all the classic hits like chorizo and al pastor to specialty tacos like their signature enchilada tacos, with pulled lamb meat dipped in a smoky pasilla sauce.

Tacodeli, Dallas TX (@tacodeli) 

Tacodeli serves up handcrafted tacos all across the state of Texas. With locations in Austin, Dallas, Plano, and Houston, this fast-casual spot is a great option for lunch on the go. Even the most particular eaters will find something they love on Tacodeli’s expansive menu, from up to five tasty veggie taco options to dry-rubbed takes on Texmex beef. Tacodeli is open for breakfast with over 10 different tacos to keep you coming back week after week. 

Adelitas Cocina y Cantina, Denver CO (@adelitasdenver)

Adelitas serves traditional cuisine from the state of Michoacan on the southwestern Pacific coast of Mexico. Their menu consists of a wide variety of dishes including fajitas, seafood, mole, and of course, tacos (which come in orders of three). There are plenty of veggie options, too, and a great cocktail menu. Reviews rave about the quick and friendly service, as well as the authentic food.

Homestate, Los Angeles CA (@homestate)

Yes, we’re recommending Texas-style tacos in LA. The best time to do Homestate is first thing in the morning. Their breakfast tacos are simple and straightforward, but really hit the spot. From shredded brisket & eggs topped with homemade salsa to veggie-friendly options like egg whites, shiitake mushrooms, & monterey jack cheese, Homestate is the ideal way to wake up

El Primo Red Tacos, Miami FL (@elprimoredtacos)

‘Red Tacos’ refer to birria tacos dipped in birria broth, giving them a reddish tinge. These incredibly savory, juicy tacos are unmatched. El Primo serves them up on fresh, crispy tortillas with birria slow-cooked for hours in its own fat, tomatoes, and special seasoning. Don’t make any plans after eating El Primo, you’ll need a solid hour or two to wait out the food coma. It’s totally worth it though, and if you’re able to make it on Tuesday, El Primo has a two-for-one special. 

Backyard Taco, Phoenix AZ (@backyardtaco) 

There’s a reason why Backyard Taco has consistently ranked in the top taco spots in Phoenix since 2015: mesquite grilling. Backyard Taco infuses the sweet and smoky flavors of the flame into their juicy carne asada and oh-so-tender pollo asado. The laidback vibes and fast-casual service make Backyard Taco a great spot to grab lunch and kick back for a taco-induced siesta.

All these tacos (and plenty more from these fabulous eateries) are worth the taste, even when it’s not Cinco de Mayo. Next time you’re nearby, do yourself a favor and stop in.