Best Restaurants and Food In Salt Lake CIty

Best Restaurants and Food in Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City (SLC) is the capital of and largest city in Utah. The city has become increasingly diverse in recent years and is home to fascinating museums, outdoor recreation opportunities, and, of course, some incredible restaurants. 

What Food is Salt Lake City Known for?

Many of this region’s specialties have strong connections to local food traditions and agricultural products, which means that the best food in Salt Lake City often has a home-grown quality. Utahans often swear that their sweet corn is the best in the nation. Another popular treat is a Utah scone, which is similar to Native fry bread: Locals enjoy this flat, puffy dough bread with a pat of butter and some honey. Finally, no list of popular SLC foods is complete without including the pastrami burger, which is pretty much what it sounds like: A standard cheeseburger topped with pastrami and Thousand Island dressing.

What to Expect from Salt Lake City Restaurants

Our city attracts visitors from all over the world, which means that we have food options for just about everyone. If you enjoy a particular ethnic cuisine or style of cooking, you’ll likely be able to find a restaurant that can satisfy your cravings. Many visitors to SLC often mention the warmth and kindness of the people who live here as well. One more thing: People living in Utah tend to be family-oriented, so expect to see kids and large family groups when you dine out!

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Best Restaurants in Salt Lake City

Take time while you are here to enjoy the best food in Salt Lake City at some of the area’s favorite restaurants:

Crown Burgers: Other restaurants may serve pastrami burgers, but Crown Burger claims to be the originator of this local specialty. Crown Burgers is a family-owned business that got its start in a parking lot back in 1978. Word eventually got out about the freshness and tastiness of the food, and customers began to line up around the block. Don’t care for pastrami? You’re in luck: Crown Burgers' menu includes over 100 items, including salads, burritos and Greek specialities.

Sill’s Cafe: Located in the nearby town of Layton, Sill’s Cafe is renowned for its classic Utah scones. Locals also report that the breakfasts at Sill’s can’t be beat, particularly the homemade SOS (sausage) gravy that is ladled over the cafe’s famous hash browns.

The Copper Onion: This place is known for its American cuisine (with international influences), but locals and visitors rave about the atmosphere, food, and service. The kitchen sources local and regional ingredients, and the menu changes regularly. Brunch is particularly popular and features both large and small plates.

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