Best Restaurants and Food In Miami

Best Restaurants and Food in Miami

Miami is a blend of cultures located in one of the U.S.’s most beautiful cities. There are strong Latin influences here, and the result is culinary excellence. Our restaurants can be on the flashy side, although you can find high-quality food offerings to suit every budget. In fact, some of the best food in Miami can be found in humble storefronts.

What Food is Miami Known for?

Cuban and pan-Latin cuisine are huge in Miami, and these influences are reflected in the city’s staple menu items. For example, the Cuban sandwich is a classic you’ll find in most casual dining restaurants and cafes. Empanadas are likewise popular, as are the guava and cream-cheese filled turnovers known as pastelitos. Fresh seafood is a major draw as well. Stone crab claws are a specialty, as is Peruvian ceviche, fish cured in tangy citrus juices.

What to Expect from Miami Restaurants

Miami has become a destination for celebrity chefs, so don’t be surprised to see some big names on restaurant menus. Al fresco dining is popular, so reserve an outdoor table and enjoy the pleasant South Florida weather while you dine. 

TIP: It can be hard to get a reservation at some of the celebrity-owned restaurants, so consider making a reservation before you land in Miami to avoid disappointment. If you can’t get a reservation, don’t fret: The best food in Miami is often found in our local, home-grown establishments.

Best Restaurants in Miami

It’s hard to pick the “best” restaurants in a city with so many incredible choices. Still, there are a few that stand out: 

El Brazo Fuerte Bakery: A Cuban and French pastry shop, El Brazo Fuerte is particularly known for its pastelitos, delicious pastry turnovers with sweet or savory fillings.

Pez: A Baja Mexican fine dining restaurant, renowned for its oysters and seafood tacos. Pez takes Baja cuisine to a new level with beautifully prepared and presented food.

El Bagel: Miami has a significant population of retirees and “snowbirds” from New York. El Bagel provides a taste of home in the form of homemade bagels with your choice of cream cheese, smoked fish, and other toppings.

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