Best Restaurants and Food In Dallas

Best Restaurants and Food in Dallas

People come to Dallas for dozens of reasons: Doing business, seeking care at one of our world-class medical centers, or just to explore this amazing city. It’s easy to find great food here as well. The Dallas/Fort Worth area is said to have more restaurants per capita than any other place in the U.S.!

While we have plenty of local specialties, including Tex-Mex cuisine, barbeque, and chicken-fried steak, you’ll also be able to find a full range of ethnic restaurants and American fare.

What Food is Dallas Known for?

Tex-Mex cuisine and barbeque are popular here, as is the case throughout much of Texas. Yet the best food in Dallas often has some unique twists: Chile con queso and chips is a gooey, spicy appetizer that you can find in many bars and restaurants across the city. Another Tex-Mex-inspired delight is the Frito pie: Corn chips topped with chili con carne, cheese, and other taco garnishes. Chicken fried steak got its start in Dallas. And since pecans are the official state nut, save some room at the end of one these savory meals to enjoy some pecan pie and pralines.

What to Expect from Dallas Restaurants

Dallas is a large city in a huge state, so it isn’t surprising that you’ll find that our food has big flavor and comes in even bigger portions. Dining in Dallas definitely isn’t for the timid. If you like bold cuisine, you are in the right place.

dallas frito pie

Best Restaurants in Dallas

Whether you’re here for business or pleasure (or a little of both), take some time out to enjoy the local cuisine. Here are a few must-visit eateries that are said to serve the best food in Dallas:

Homewood: This relatively new restaurant is celebrated for its excellent service and creative, farm-to-table cuisine. If you are looking for something on the upscale side, Homewood is your place.

Pecan Lodge: Texas barbeque that goes beyond brisket to include pork and turkey. Don’t miss the incredible side dishes and dinners that include vegetables (such as salt-encrusted sweet potatoes) or the house-made fried chicken.

Knife Dallas: Traditional steakhouse known for exquisitely aged and prepared cuts of meat as well as raw tartares of beef and fish. Burgers and pastas are also a great hit, along with Southern and Mexican-inspired sides.

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