Best Restaurants and Food In Baltimore

Best Restaurants and Food in Baltimore

Baltimore’s food culture has a strong reputation, and for good reason: Its seafood is legendary, and many creative and innovative restaurants are popping up every year.  The best food in Baltimore can be found all around town in a range of eateries that include fine dining, roadside stands, and food halls.

What Food is Baltimore Known for?

Blue crab reigns supreme in Baltimore, and there are several ways that one can eat it. Crab boils are popular, as are crab cakes and crab soup. Another favorite dish is pit beef, brisket cooked over charcoal and piled high on a kaiser roll. Sauerkraut is a go-to side dish and sandwich topping, and folks in Baltimore can’t get enough of Berger cookies, soft shortbread drenched in a fudge ganache.

What to Expect from Baltimore Restaurants

You can taste multiple influences in Baltimore’s cuisine, the result of geographical location as well as the area’s immigration history. Many Baltimore restaurants reflect German culture and flavors. And while the city has plenty of upscale restaurants, many of its most beloved eateries reflect the city’s working-class origins. 

baltimore blue crab

Best Restaurants in Baltimore

It can be hard to know where to eat once you get here, if only because there is so much good food in this city. Here are a few suggestions to get you sampling the best food in Baltimore:

Faidley’s Seafood: Faidley’s has been around since 1886, offering some of the freshest seafood in all of Baltimore. In fact, you can select your fish or seafood from their counter and they’ll prepare it for you on the spot!

Chaps Pit Beef: Locals swear by Chaps for authentic pit beef sandwiches. These are roadside stands that can be found in Baltimore and in the surrounding area. Great pit stops for Baltimore-area road trips!

Sally O’s: Enjoy southern-influenced comfort food that also reflects current culinary trends. Complement your meal with a drink from the inventive cocktail and wine list.

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