Best Cars to Rent for a Trip to Los Angeles

Best Cars to Rent for a Trip to Los Angeles

Car rental in LA is a must for anyone visiting southern California. Yeah, there is public transit, but LA is spread out. Like, really spread out. You’ll definitely want a car to make the most of your time in Los Angeles, and you’ll be able to get to all the neighborhoods, canyons, beaches, and parks that make LA so great. Depending on how long you’re staying, you probably won’t be able to do all LA has to offer. So before you rent a car in Los Angeles, map out your trip to see where you’ll be going.

For example, are you staying near downtown and the eastside, and planning on driving up into the mountains? Or are you sticking around Santa Monica, the South Bay, and Long Beach? Also, how many people are you traveling with and how much gear are you taking? Planning on renting a surfboard or bringing camping stuff? Here’s what you need to know about renting a car in Los Angeles.

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Standard Car Rentals/Sedans

Most of the time, a standard sedan should do it for you in Los Angeles. If it’s just you and a travel partner doing some sightseeing or kicking back on the beach, a standard or economy car will be great. Plus, you’ll save a few bucks and in Los Angeles, every dollar counts. Roads in LA are great (although a bit crowded) and you shouldn’t need anything rugged unless you’re driving out into the desert or up into the mountains.

About that’ll probably want to make sure you have good insurance. Anything can happen with the amount of cars on the road and car rental insurance can get expensive. Luckily, car sharing companies like Avail give you insurance from Allstate included with your car’s daily rate. Check out some of our great standard sedans and economy cars, all with insurance included.

Convertible Rentals  

A lot of people’s California dream includes cruising along the PCH with the top down in a slick convertible. And you’re willing to do a bit of work and spend the money, you can absolutely turn that dream into a reality. You’ll want to do your research, renting a convertible in Los Angeles is high on every traveler’s list, so availability may be limited or nonexistent, especially in the summer months.

And before you rent a convertible in LA, check the weather forecast. Coastal weather never gets too chilly, but can vary wildly from the temperatures downtown and farther south. And even if the temperature is just in the low 60s, that wet sea breeze can feel pretty chilly at 55mph. 

Luxury & Exotic Cars 

No one really needs an exotic or luxury car, and if you do, why are you reading a car sharing blog about it? We kid, but most folks who would want to rent an exotic or luxury car in Los Angeles likely want to show off a little and look larger than life. And we’ll be honest, if there’s any place to rent an exotic car, LA is it. Since southern California is a hotspot for wealthy car enthusiasts, there are plenty of places to rent luxury and exotic cars in LA.

In fact, there are entire rental companies that specialize in exotic and luxury cars. Don’t expect to save money, and make sure you have a good insurance policy. Some car sharing services also offer classic cars at more (relatively) affordable prices.

You can drive up and down the PCH, or hug the winding roads of Mulholland Drive, Topanga Canyon, and the Hollywood Hills. No matter what car you get, always expect to see a nicer, more expensive and exotic car while driving. LA is a humbling city. 

Rental Vs Sharing

Nowadays, it’s always good to ask yourself whether you want to go with traditional car rental or a car sharing service, like Avail. There are pros and cons to each (though far more pros to car sharing in our humble opinion).

Honestly, they’re both very similar. Car sharing tends to be more affordable, easier, and less of a headache. For example, Avail has no hidden fees, second driver fees, or fees for drivers under-25. We also have flexible pick up and drop off times, so it’s easy to make a change to your trip if plans change or you hit a lot of traffic.

Avail includes insurance from Allstate with every trip. That saves you a lot of money and peace of mind while on those crazy SoCal roads. Car renting can sometimes be the better option if they have a specific kind of car you want, or you’re a member of one of their loyalty plans. If you’re a more casual traveler though, car sharing is the way to go. Learn more about how car sharing works and check out all the vehicles Avail has to offer.