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Best car games for kids
June 17, 2021

Best car games for kids

Most of us have at least one great memory of traveling with family, whether it’s visiting a national park for the first time, or just a great roadside diner meal when soda came out of your sister’s nose. One thing we never forget? The boredom of the backseat. Next time you or your younguns are bored, throw it back to the non-digital age with a few of these great car games for kids. 


No, this is not an apple product. All ‘I Spy’ or ‘Eye Spy’ takes is finding something inside the car or out on the horizon and staring “I Spy, with my little eye something…[name a color, attribute, etc].” Kids will usually spend at least a few minutes trying to guess what your eye has spied. Repeat until boredom sets in again. 

The license plate game

See if you can collectively spot license plates from all 50 states. Each license plate spotted is one point, and the first to shout the state gets the point. Whoever has the most points once all 50 have been spotted (or when it’s been a couple hours), wins. Feel free to improvise rules or assign more points to ‘rare’ states like Hawaii, Alaska, Maine, or Rhode Island. 

Build a story

A classic car game for kids that can be done verbally or written out. Start a story with one sentence and have each player add one sentence at a time. Your kids will love how wacky the story gets and you’ll enjoy bringing it back to earth. Play until everyone forgets what happens or the story naturally comes to an end. For more advanced players, try telling a story within a certain number of sentences or less. 

I’m thinking of an animal

One person thinks of an animal (let’s be honest, it’ll probably be you). The other player (or players) ask yes or no questions to see if they can guess the animal within 10 questions. Whoever guesses correctly gets to think of the next animal. If no one guesses, the animal-thinker thinks of another animal. No one really wins, and the game ends when no one wants to play or it naturally comes to an end. 


Hypotheticals is just a fancy name for “Would You Rather?”. Ask everyone in the car kid-friendly “would you rather” questions like “Would you rather have the ability to fly or x-ray vision? Why?”. Once your kids get the gist of it, let them ask you some questions. You’ll love to see their brain working and surprise each other with the answers. Pro tip: don’t let anyone get away with saying “neither” or “both” gotta choose one!

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