Meet Steven Berczynski

Our People: Meet Steven Berczynski

Explain what you do in one sentence?

In my role as the field operations manager, I am responsible for all things Phoenix! I get to help train and develop our amazing staff members and ensure that every customer who uses Avail has a five star experience. 

What are the biggest challenges you face in your role?

The biggest challenge currently in my role is finding ways to provide five-star customer service while making sure we never miss following our coronavirus guidelines – we have gotten very good at making sure our customers get all their questions answered and know how to safely operate our vehicles in a socially distanced manner!

What is a recent accomplishment you’re most proud of?

Having some of my staff members promoted to lead roles! Our staff does an amazing job every day, knowing that I am able to help them grow in their careers and seeing them succeed truly makes me proud.

What is one lesson you’ve learned from working at Avail?

Learn about and talk to your coworkers – especially now that all meetings are virtual. Reaching out to team members in other departments to simply ask more about what they do has led to some extremely insightful conversations and helped me be a better manager by being more knowledgeable.

What’s the biggest misconception people have about car sharing?

Sharing something so valuable to you, like your car, is a big deal! I think a lot of people still struggle with the “what if something happens” question. Since joining Avail, understanding and learning about who our customers are and why car sharing is a perfect option for them has really opened my eyes to why all those “what if scenarios” are a lot less common than most people think.