Meet Lena Chang

Our People: Meet Lena Chang

Explain what you do in one sentence?

I study the interaction between users and products to improve user experiences through product design.

What are the biggest challenges you face in your role?

Currently, I can only interact with users virtually. It’s challenging not being able to conduct user studies in-person!

What is a recent accomplishment you’re most proud of?

I’ve been working on a complex project to enable vehicle upgrades, downgrades, and exchanges within our backend tools. It’s been challenging, but I’m excited to make the jobs of our lot staff easier and improve customer experience with these functionalities.

What is one lesson you’ve learned from working at Avail?

Having supportive mentors who care about you goes a long way for personal growth and work enjoyment.

What’s the biggest misconception people have about car sharing?

People don’t fully understand the insurance piece to Avail car sharing, and they are always trying to find some hidden, nonexistent “catch”. Avail’s Allstate insurance plan automatically covers both car borrowers and car owners on our platform.