How To Keep Customers at the Forefront of Product Development

How To Keep Customers at the Forefront of Product Development

One of our core values at Avail is Customer Obsession, and we live into that by seeking diverse customer perspectives to build ideal experiences.

Of course, customer centricity doesn’t just happen overnight, and it definitely isn’t solved by one person. Avail has multiple, dedicated teams to ensure users are at the forefront of everything we do.

Meet our Research Team!

avail research team

What the heck do these people do? Simply put: we seek to answer the “why”directly from users at every point in the product development process.

research team graphic

We aren’t about doing research to just checkoff a box and say we did it. We like to actually practice what we preach by taking action on the feedback we get during our research conversations. Assuming you double dared us, let’s walk through a recent study we did.

research card sorting graphic

Hold up, what’s a card sorting exercise?

Basically, we presented users with a pile of cards (aka the green cards), which had labels or information they may find on the Avail website.

card sorting exercise


Next, users grouped the green cards in a way that made sense to them.

sorted cards graphic


Once the green cards were organized, users then created a label (aka the white cards) for each category.

Here’s a sneak peek at how the labels were organized

So if someone’s visiting the Avail website and the menu has a label named “Getting Started”, you’d click it and see information on “Before Renting” and “Making a Reservation”.

Curious what we did with these learnings?

By understanding what questions users have when visiting the Avail website, how they categorize information, and where they instinctively think that information lives, we were able to create new pages and redesigned old ones!

Not only are these experiences easier on the eyes, but now Customer Support is freed up to assist customers with anything else they might need.


So now what?  

Although we’d like to have a dramatic mic drop and say “That’s all folks!”, that's simply not how life works. As customer advocates, we continuously ensure our recommendations are communicated to the right people, at the right time, even if they weren’t the ones with the original question.


But wait, how can I be Customer Obsessed too?

We’re always looking for folks to chat with us and give us the scoop. Interested in helping Avail gain key research insights? Shoot us an email anytime: