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Avail’s long-term sharing program

About the program: Avail X provides a huge bonus to car owners who share their cars with us for 30 days or more (up to $1000 when shared for 90 days).

You can still use the Avail app without Avail X and earn extra income when you park and share your car.

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Avail Platform Terms and Conditions can be viewed here.


In addition to the terms and conditions set forth at “Avail Terms and Conditions”), you accept these long-term sharing additional terms and conditions by clicking to agree to the Long-Term Sharing Terms and Conditions. The Avail Terms and Conditions all continue to apply to your participation on the Avail platform.

Long-Term Sharing Bonus. Avail will pay you additional monetary bonuses for each vehicle you share on the Avail platform for 30 days or more, provided that the vehicle that meets the requirements for sharing pursuant to the Avail Terms and Conditions. For clarity, any day on which a vehicle does not meet the requirements for sharing (for example, a check engine light is on or another maintenance issue prevents Avail from sharing the vehicle) will not count toward the minimum days for the long-term sharing bonus.  

The bonuses are paid out pursuant to the following:

  • -    30 days = $200

  • -    60 days = $300 (for a total of $500)

  • -    90+ days = $500 (for a total of $1,000)

The minimum sharing day requirements are not required to be consecutive. Avail will remit the bonus to you within 30 days of your applicable vehicle hitting the applicable threshold.

You acknowledge that it is solely your responsibility to understand any tax impact that any such long-term sharing bonus may have on you. Avail encourages you to seek independent tax advice regarding any such long-term sharing bonus payments you receive. Avail may provide you an applicable tax document, such as a 1099-MISC, if payments to you reach the applicable thresholds. However, understanding and reporting the impact is your responsibility, whether or not you receive an applicable tax document.

Insurance Suspension Authorization. For any vehicle you list on the Avail platform, if you have a personal automobile insurance policy from Allstate Insurance Company or one of its affiliate Allstate-branded insurance companies (“Allstate”), upon your direction, you hereby authorize to Avail on your behalf to request that Allstate temporarily suspend all coverages on your personal automobile insurance policy, except Comprehensive coverage.  Before you collect your car and remove it from the Avail platform, Avail will notify Allstate to end the suspension and reinstate all of the coverages you had in place prior to such suspension.  You will not be charged for insurance on the days that coverage was suspended for the entire day.

If you choose to suspend your personal insurance coverage in this manner, you acknowledge and understand that that it may have other impacts to you. For example, if you suspend your personal automobile insurance coverage and it is your only personal automobile insurance coverage, you will no longer have coverage for damages caused by uninsured/underinsured motorists.  You will also no longer have coverage for vehicles you rent while your personal insurance coverage us suspended.  For questions about the suspension or to further understand the terms, conditions, and potential impacts, please contact Allstate.

Maintenance Authorization
. For any vehicle you list on the Avail platform, upon your consent, you authorize Avail to authorize its third-party maintenance service providers (the “Maintenance Providers”) to perform certain light maintenance services according to the applicable manufacturer’s standard maintenance procedures. Avail shall pass all costs to you charged by the Maintenance Providers to perform such light maintenance, and you authorize Avail to charge the applicable payment option on file for such costs. 

The light maintenance that the Maintenance Providers may perform includes, but is not limited to, (i) oil change including filter (ii) tire rotation, (iii) brake inspection and change, (iv) battery replacement, (v) top off fluids, (vi) fuse and light bulb replacement, and (vii) other light mechanical services. 

Before the Maintenance Providers perform any services, Avail will request your consent for such services. If you provide your written consent (email sufficient), Avail will authorize the Maintenance Providers to perform such work on your applicable vehicle. You are free to decline any such maintenance services. However, you acknowledge that in that case, you will be solely responsible for any maintenance required to ensure your car is in a condition to be shared on the Avail platform.

Disclaimers; Limitation of Liability. The disclaimers, warranties, and limitations of liability in the Avail Terms and Conditions all apply to the additional maintenance services. You acknowledge that the Maintenance Providers are the providers of these maintenance services and not Avail or its affiliate companies. Avail and its affiliate companies are in no way responsible for the acts or omissions of the Maintenance Providers. Avail make no warranty, express or implied, as to the additional maintenance services provided by the Maintenance Providers. You acknowledge that Avail, its Affiliates,and its and their third-party service providers, are not responsible in any way for any indirect, special, consequential, incidental, punitive or exemplary costs, damages, or expenses of any kind (including, but not limited to, damages for loss of profits, goodwill, use, or data), however arising under this Agreement, even if Avail has been advised of the possibility of such damages. In any case, the aggregate liability for Avail and its Affiliates under this Agreement for any claim is limited to $100. You acknowledge that the allocation of risks as set forth in these terms are essential to the basis of these additional terms.

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