Avail Plus

Share Longer. Earn more.

Join Avail Plus and earn a $400 bonus when sharing for 30 days.
it's the easiest way to earn $$$ while you're travelling or not using your car.

We Make It Easy

Register here for Avail Plus
Let us pick up your car
Leave it with us for at least 30 days
Get $400 in bonus cash + continuous earnings
We bring you your car when you need it back

Get More From Plus

Bonus cash for month 1 + guaranteed earning in each additional month
$1 million in full coverage from Allstate while your car is shared
Transfer your earnings at anytime
Free car wash + detailing before car returned
24/7 customer support

What You Might Be Wondering

What's the difference between the bonus & guaranteed income?

Bonuses are fixed payments after reaching a milestone, while guaranteed earnings are additional payments from Avail to ensure your revenue is at least $300 every month!

I live far from the airport. Will you still come pick my car up?

It depends! If you live 50 miles or less from the airport, we will be able to pick up your car. We can only pick up a vehicle once an owner is officially enrolled in Avail Plus.

How do I know if my car is eligible?

Your vehicle must meet our vehicle eligibility requirements. For additional eligibility requirements, please review the Avail Plus Terms & Conditions.

How far will you go to pick up/drop off my car?

We will go as far as 50 miles to pick up and drop off your car! We can only pick up and drop off a vehicle once an owner is officially enrolled in Avail Plus.