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Avail Plus Terms & Conditions

In addition to the terms and conditions set forth at (the “Avail Terms and Conditions”), you accept these long-term sharing additional terms and conditions by clicking to agree to the Long-Term Sharing Terms and Conditions. The Avail Terms and Conditions all continue to apply to your participation on the Avail platform.

Long-Term Guaranteed Earnings.

Membership to the Avail Plus program is contingent on the owner listing a vehicle with Avail for 30 consecutive days and completing the above form. Owners will not receive listing credit for days accrued prior to enrolling in Avail Plus. Owner’s Avail Plus start date will be the date their application for Avail Plus was submitted. When an owner meets those requirements, Avail will pay the long-term sharing minimum earnings of $300 a month to offset the owner’s trip earnings if less than $300, provided the owner lists their vehicle for at least 25 days within the same calendar month. The listing period can be non-consecutive, and the owner may list up to two vehicles to reach the 25-day monthly minimum. All long-term sharing minimum earnings and the “welcome bonus” are paid out at the beginning of the following month.

For illustration’s sake – if an owner signs up for Avail Plus on January 15th and is eligible to receive their “welcome bonus” on February 15th after listing their vehicle for 30 consecutive days, they will not receive their “long-term sharing minimum payment” until they list a vehicle for at least 25 days in March (the next calendar month).

Any day on which an owner’s vehicle does not meet the requirements for sharing (for example, a check engine light is on or another maintenance issue prevents Avail from sharing the vehicle) will count toward the minimum days for that month’s guaranteed earnings so long as the owner is engaged and actively working with Avail to fix the issue. Avail may pause an Avail Plus member’s status if the stated issue persists, repeats itself, is visible at drop-off, or if multiple attempts have been made to contact the owner with no success. This program is per owner, not per vehicle; therefore, an owner will not receive the $300 guaranteed earnings more than once every month.

Maintenance Authorization. For any vehicle you list on the Avail platform, upon your consent, you authorize Avail to authorize its third-party maintenance service providers (the “Maintenance Providers”) to perform certain light maintenance services according to the applicable manufacturer’s standard maintenance procedures. Avail shall pass all costs to you charged by the Maintenance Providers to perform such light maintenance, and you authorize Avail to charge the applicable payment option on file for such costs.

The light maintenance that the Maintenance Providers may perform includes, but is not limited to, (i) oil change including filter (ii) tire rotation, (iii) brake inspection and change, (iv) battery replacement, (v) top off fluids, (vi) fuse and light bulb replacement, and (vii) other light mechanical services.

Before the Maintenance Providers perform any services, Avail will request your consent for such services. If you provide your written consent (email sufficient), Avail will authorize the Maintenance Providers to perform such work on your applicable vehicle. You are free to decline any such maintenance services. However, you acknowledge that in that case, you will be solely responsible for any maintenance required to ensure your car is in a condition to be shared on the Avail platform. If an owner does not respond to Avail’s request to conduct maintenance, their program enrollment may be paused or terminated.

Pick-up Options. Owners enrolled in the Avail Plus program are eligible to have their vehicle picked up from their home. Pick-up is limited to a 50-mile radius from the Airports address. Pick-up is not available for owners who have not completed the 30-day period that is contingent to official program enrollment.

Additional Program Terms.

The following vehicle types are not eligible for the Avail Plus program:

i) No vans (passenger or commercial)
ii) No vehicles with less than 4 doors
iii) No manual transmission vehicles
iv) No electric vehicles
v) No vehicles that require diesel fuel
vi) No pick-up trucks

Insurance Suspension Authorization.

For any vehicle you list on the Avail platform, if you have a personal automobile insurance policy from Allstate Insurance Company or one of its affiliate Allstate-branded insurance companies (“Allstate”), upon your direction, you hereby authorize to Avail on your behalf to request that Allstate temporarily suspend all coverages on your personal automobile insurance policy, except Comprehensive coverage. Before you collect your car and remove it from the Avail platform, Avail will notify Allstate to end the suspension and reinstate all of the coverages you had in place prior to such suspension. You will not be charged for insurance on the days that coverage was suspended for the entire day. The insurance pause test only applied in certain states. Please contact Avail Customer Support with questions.

By listing your vehicle with Avail Plus, you agree to have it shared on any Avail platform.