Share your car for a year.  Make at least $5600.  Learn More

Share for One Year & Earn Thousands with Avail Pro

Avail Pro is the way to earn $5,600+ from sharing for a full year, guaranteed. We handle the hard stuff so sharing your car doesn't feel like a second job.

Earn at least
on your car in the next year

Why Avail Pro?

Earn at least $5,600 from sharing for a full year (SUVs $6,100). We'll come pick it up & put it to work.

Money in the Bank, Guaranteed

$400 Welcome Bonus* after listing your vehicle for 30 consecutive days

Minimum of $300/mo. in guaranteed earnings per vehicle after your first month, per vehicle

*Limit 1 per owner.

We Do The Hard Stuff

We handle:
  • Managing bookings & payouts
  • Deliveries or handoffs
  • Refueling & cleaning
  • Any potential claims or damage.

$2,000+ in Bonuses

Earn quarterly bonuses at:
3 months– $200
6 months– $400
9 months–$600
12 months–$800

End of year bonuses for SUVs:

Mid-size = $500
Large = $1,000

Full Coverage
from Allstate

Allstate insurance protects your car the entire time it’s being shared with Avail.  If anything happens to your car while sharing, we’ve got you covered.

Subject to additional terms and conditions as outlined in the exclusive listing agreement. Read more

How Avail Plus Works

Sign up and add your car to the Avail platform.

Tell us where your car is and when you can start sharing it.

Our team will coordinate picking up your vehicle.

Sit back & earn at least $5,600 guaranteed over 1 year.

You Care About Your Car. We Do, Too.

We take your trust seriously.  Here’s what we do to ensure your car remains in top shape.

Maintenance items not mentioned are the responsibility of the vehicle owner.
Want to understand our insurance & claims process?  Learn more

A year too long? Share for just 30 days and earn.

Earn at least $700 when you share your car for at least 30 days with Avail Plus.

Learn More
Earn at least
on your car this month

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Avail and how does it work?

Avail is a car sharing company, which means all the cars are owned by real, local people. And the added benefit of amazing customer service. We take care of the car exchange, cleaning, inspection, and insurance process so it’s easier for you and for the owner of the car.

Where do I pick up/drop off my vehicle?

At our Avail airport lots. Free shuttles to and from the airport come every 5 to 10 minutes.

What's required to drive an Avail car?

All drivers must be 18 or older and have a valid U.S. driver's license, a clean driving record, and a debit or credit card to book your reservation.

Is insurance included?

Yes, all Avail drivers are covered by Allstate insurance complete with access to roadside assistance and 24/7 customer support.

How far can you drive?

Total trip mileage is limited to 150 miles per day. That means a 3-day trip has 450 total miles before bumping up to an extra $0.50/mile. We calculate total mileage by looking at the odometer before and after your trip.

Is there a fee for under 25?

Nope. All drivers pay the same.

How does Avail make sure a car is safe?

We inspect every car for maintenance and safety. Plus, every car must be less than 10 years old and have fewer than 125k miles, keeping our selection of higher quality for you.

How much does it cost to add a 2nd driver?

It’s free. They just need to create a profile on Avail and add/verify their driver’s license. Once their profile is created and their license is verified, email with their name to have them added to your reservation. Thanks for letting us know. Now they’re covered, too.

How do I get a car with 4-wheel drive/all-wheel drive?

We can’t guarantee a car will have all-wheel drive, but the good news is we only stock newish cars (less than 10 years old), which means many of our SUVs come equipped. Plus, all our cars belong to locals, so you’re likely to be able to get a car someone chose for the local climate. Select a mid-sized or large SUV and follow up with an email to We’ll do our best to hook you up with a 4WD vehicle.